Many people nowadays get full head highlights done at professional hair salons to enhance their looks and feel more comfortable with the style they are aiming for. For decades women all around the globe, and in the later days men as well, have been dyed and bleached their hair to get some more glamorous look. But who invented them?

Chemical and modern techniques were developed around the 1900’s, but even in the Renaissance Era women used lemons or mixtures containing honey, sulphur and alum, sit in the sun for hours and wait their hair to get lighter. Starting around the 1960’s caps filled with holes were applied to the subject’s head nd locks of hair were pulled out using a hooked needle for bleaching, this process was often painful and stressful.

At our hair salon in downtown Toronto we apply full head highlights using foils to women that aim for a richer and more filling blonde helping them feeling more secure about their looks in a cosy and warm environment.

We also offer OLAPLEX treatments in-salon and post-treatment home care for stronger and healthier hair.

If you are looking to enhance your style and are looking for a full head highlights salon in Toronto, rely on the certified colour experts at Tony Shamas to add beautiful highlights to your hair. Please call us at 416-941-9915 or book an appointment online to visit our full head highlights Toronto salon today.