Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

There is nothing more annoying that hair on your upper lip.

We know, you are constantly trying to cover it with lots of make up and you feel uncomfortable in your personal and business life every day.

If your problems are as easy as getting upper lip laser hair removal done, your life is set!

Our state-of-the-art Soprano XL laser machine from Alma Lasers is virtually painless and with the its in-motion technology that gradually heats up the treated area in movement, the procedure is really fast and comfortable; the chill tip also helps avoid the feeling of warm and heat even in patients with lots of unwanted upper lip hair.

If you have been waxing or threading it is only necessary to wait 4 weeks prior to your first laser hair removal treatment for upper lip.

If you have exposed your face to the sun or artificial tanning, even if our machine is safe to be used on tanned skin, we recommend to wait at least 2 weeks before starting your first session, after sun exposure, this way it would be even more relaxing and comfortable to get your treatment done quickly.

Remove unwanted upper lip hair with our professional laser hair removal services.

We schedule each session of upper lip laser hair removal 4 to 6 weeks between each visit, so that gradually we can treat the hair in active anagen state during each session.

For the best upper lip laser hair removal in Toronto, book your appointment online today.

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