3 Steps for Best Blonde Highlights Hair

You have decided to take the leap and get the perfect blonde highlights hair that you always wanted.

But what are the steps necessary in order to achieve flawless perfect highlighted blonde hair?

The road to perfection is full of obstacles but follow these 3 important steps carefully and you will certainly be leading on the right path.

After years of experience dealing with all kind of blonde highlights hair types and shades, we have broke down a few important steps that will lead you to the best beautiful and healthy blonde locks all year long.

You may not be fully blonde as you may expect on your first visit, as most of the times it is a process and we can definitely take you to your destination in just a few visits.

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Lots of patience, discipline, and care is needed but it will all be worth it in the end. All you have to do is hold on and follow all the recommendations of your hair stylist professional. Their goal is for you to be happy and your hair looking beautiful, healthy and the best they can be on your special events or occasions.


Step 1 For Best Blonde Highlights:

The Consultation

Best Blonde Highlights Hair Toronto Consultation

As lame as this may sound, we can’t really never stress enough about how important it is to get a proper consultation done before getting your hair blonde with beautiful highlights.

– Be honest and Say it All: fully disclose to your hair stylist if you have previously got colour done, or box dye or if you have tried different hair stylists and hair salons in the past 6 months where you got all kind of different colour on your hair. It will help your stylist decide on the best options for your hair and which techniques to use for your process.

– Listen: carefully notice during each step of the consultation, what your hairstylist is saying about your hair, about the health, the procedure and the possible outcomes in your very first visit and the others if required. When your hairstylist advises you on utilizing a specific extra feature to use, like Olaplex or a specific toner, carefully note in your mind all he or she is disclosing you and make sure you knowledge that in your mind as well. Make sure to note what will be the best hair care routine to help maintain your colour and also if follow-ups toners will be needed in 2-4 weeks depending on the strength of the specific toner used, booking the appointment before living will make it easier for you to remember when it’s time to come back for a refresh or your next step towards your blonde hair goals.

– Bring Pictures: you got 5 photos that all look alike to you? Please bring them all. Sometimes one picture it is really not going to be the best option for you as the hair in that specific shot maybe have been highlighted on a previously blonde hair, or brunette or pitch black hair. The more options are showed the better, you hairstylist will probably be the best to choose which picture your hair will likely to look like after your visit or after your visits series.

– Be Realistic: if you hair is a deep dark brown or was previously coloured dark and you want to achieve platinum blonde and your hair hasn’t touched a professional shampoo, conditioner or any professional products in over 6 months, or you are showing the latest of Khloe Kardashian’s look, (remember, her balayage  and base colour was done over a transformation of visits times over a period of 1 year, and she took care of them every day with only professional hair products) please be realistic on your expectation, understand also that if you are booked for highlights and blow out on a set online price, your price will changed due to the process, products and work that needs to be done in order to take you as close as what you are aspiring to, on the first visit of your process. Particular tones of blondes will require a toner, and high level peroxide will definitely require Olaplex and or a hair treatment to maintain the health of your hair during the process.

– Are You Ready?: when going for a drastic changes like brunette to fully blonde, ask yourself a series of questions a few days before booking your hair appointment or consultation, sometimes irrational or quick decisions are not always the best, specially if you are going through some emotional changes in your life or even just a new career. Am I ready to pull of this new look? It certainly does look good in the photo I found online, but will it look good on me? Does the colour I’m aiming for will match my skin tone? Does it go well my lifestyle or the image I want to project of myself?

– Patience: knowing that your hair stylist is not a magician will help you understand that if you presented a picture of what you want and the stylist is telling you that it will take at least 2 or 3 visits over a length of 4 to 6 months, don’t snap at him/her asking to be like in the photo right away, but say what you are comfortable to go with in your first visit and understand very well how it will look during the first process and patiently wait and take care of your hair until your next visit.


Step 2 For Best Blonde Highlights:

Refresh and Treatments

Stock up on Winter Hair Care Products with Olaplex to protect your hair - Salon Toronto

Did your highlights needed a toner? Make sure to book your toner refresh between 2-5 weeks if it’s your first visit during your process of hair blonding. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about finding a spot when you see that your toner will wash out. Depending on which toner you used, it can last between 2-4 weeks and in order to make it last longer, you will have to follow the home care retail recommendations your hair stylist advised you on.

You did not use a toner during your first visit for blonde highlights but your hair is feeling either dull or the softness you felt when leaving the salon right after your process has disappeared?

You can book a hair treatment that includes either protein+shine or moisture+shine (like using a Fusio-Dose treatment by Kerastase) once a month or every 6 weeks to bring back vitality and sheen to your blonde locks.

Hair Treatment Fusio Dose by Kerastase Perfect ForColour Treated Highlighted and Balayaged Hair

Regardless if you used Olaplex or not during your highlighting process, to strengthen the hair and make them healthy and soft, it is recommended to do a Olaplex treatment once a month following your colouring services.


Step 3 For Best Blonde Highlights:

Home Care Rituals

best blonde highlights bleach damaged hair salon toronto kerastase bain therapiste toronto

Last step for fabulous blonde highlights, but certainly not the least important, is to know how to maintain your perfect colour from fading and achieve that dullness you really don’t want and keep your lock in amazing health conditions all the time. Not only this will preserve your best look, but also delay your next in-salon visit to reapply the highlights.

Make sure to get all the recommended hair care products that your stylist advised you during the consultation or in your first visits. It may seem a little bit of investment at first, but your hair will gladly thank you later.

You don’t have to bring home all the products on the shelves but a shampoo, conditioner and hair masque or mini treatment are definitely recommended when deciding to turn your hair blonde.

The Shampoos:

  • Bain Architecte by Kerastase – Recommended to restore for partially highlighted hair

  • Blonde.Angel.Wash by Kevin Murphy – Keeps your hair colour from fading and releases moisture, perfect if you used a toner has it is sulphate-free

  • Bain Therapiste by Kerastase – Recommended to restore fully highlighted or thicker hair


The Conditioners:

  • Ciment Anti-Usuer by Kerastase – Recommended to reinforce and reconstruct partially highlighted hair

  • Blonde.Angel by Kevin Murphy – Reinforce your hair and protects your colour from fading, plus releases moisture

  • Soin Premiere Therapiste by Kerastase – Recommended to restore and reconstruct fully highlighted hair or thicker hair and great on finer hair using the conditioner prior the shampoo to avoid weighing down your locks


Hair Masques and Hair Treatments:

Olaplex: amazing to use once a week to rebuild the bonds in your hair, the perfect match if you already used the in-salon 2 steps during your colour services, leave in 10-20 minutes or more then rinse and shampoo and condition (it can be done before or after shampoo-conditioner)

masque therapiste best hair care for blonde highlighted thick over-processed hair damaged bleach blonde hair salon Toronto

Masque Therapiste: this little masque is the perfect companion for fully or partial highlighted hair, thicker or finer locks that needs nurture and reconstruction after highlighting processes, leave in 3-5 minutes then rinse