6 Best Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Hairline

6 Best Hairstyles That Won’t Damage Hairline


If you’re experiencing hair loss around your hairline, you may wonder if there’s any way to prevent it from worsening. You’d be surprised to know that your hairstyle could be one of the reasons for your hairline damage! Pulling your hair too tightly leads to stress on the scalp, which can lead to traction alopecia. Fortunately, this condition is reversible if you take early measures to stop the problem.

For those worried about a damaged hairline, avoid hair extensions. Although they provide a beautiful look, extensions could damage your hairline. Many are glued or “sewn” into the natural hair tightly. Doing this leads to stress and pulling on the scalp. If you notice hair loss around where you place the extensions, consider removing them. Allow your hair to recover and regrow. Try a less damaging alternative, like clip-ins or halos.

Another good measure is to avoid tight, sleek hairstyles. The objective is to minimize stress on your hairline as much as possible. Our hair salon has some stylish recommendations. Here are the six best hairstyles that won’t damage your hairline:


1. Bangs Hairstyles

Bangs are the best hairstyles that won't damage hairline.


If your goal is to keep stress off your hairline, you can’t go wrong with bangs! Having bangs prevents you from styling your hair in a way that stresses the hairline of your forehead. That’s the most common location where most people experience traction alopecia.

If you’ve already experienced some hair loss in this area, bangs can disguise the thinning areas. Give your roots a chance to recover and regenerate by rocking some bangs for a few months. Best of all, they are versatile and can work well with long or short hair. Check out our list of seven cute hairstyles for short hair with bangs!


2. Low Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytails are the best hairstyles that won't damage hairline.


A low ponytail is one of the best hairstyles that won’t damage the hairline. It’s ideal if you want a sleek hairstyle that’s easy on your scalp and hairline. Putting together this style is virtually effortless. Simply sweep your hair behind your shoulders before securing it with an elastic. Ensure you don’t tie your hair too tightly to avoid pulling on your scalp.

After putting together the ponytail, you can use hairspray to tame any frizzy fly-away hair to get a sleeker look. You can also accessorize this low-maintenance hairstyle with a ribbon or scrunchie in your ponytail.


3. Messy Bun Hairstyles

Messy buns are the best hairstyles that won't damage hairline.


Sleek, ballet-style buns aren’t the best choice for your hairline. However, a loose, messy bun is an attractive alternative. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Touch up the ponytail with hairspray or texturizing spray and wrap it around itself until you have a bun shape. Secure the bun with a scrunchie or elastic.

Pull some of the hair away from the bun to loosen it, and don’t forget to clear away some face-framing pieces. Make sure you don’t pull the hair too tightly. You can change the bun placement if you often wear your hair in this style to protect your hairline. Experiment with wearing the messy bun in different positions, like at the nape of your neck.


4. Loose Braid Hairstyles

Loose braids are the best hairstyles that won't damage hairline.


If you want a hairstyle that will keep your hair out of the way, opt for a loose braid. Start with a regular three-strand braid and secure with an elastic. This hairstyle is perfect for when you don’t want hair strands getting in the way of your eyes and face. Conveniently, the braid keeps your hair in one place.

You can easily modify braided hairstyles to suit your preference. Spice it up by adding a loose French braid or try fishbone braiding instead of the regular three-strand technique. Alternatively, you could have two braids instead of one or twist the braid into a loose bun. The most important tip is to avoid pulling the hair too tightly. Don’t wear very tight French braids or styles like cornrows while you let your scalp and hairline heal.


5. Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles won't damage your hairline.


The best way to relieve stress from your hairline is to leave your hair down. There are many ways to give your hairstyle a trendy look without relying on braids or buns. For instance, go with some beachy waves to create a timeless appearance. Curl your hair with a curling iron, then brush the curls out for a loose wave. Secure the look with texturizing spray. You can also consult your stylist for the best haircut ideas.

Avoid headbands while wearing your natural hairstyle, especially ones with built-in combs. If you want to accessorize with a headband, choose one made of a soft fabric and don’t wear them for too long.


6. Claw Clip Hairstyles

Claw clip hairstyles won't damage your hairline.


The claw clip is one of the most reliable hair accessories, suitable for many occasions. Throwing your hair up with a claw clip creates an effortlessly chic hairstyle. Best of all, the claw clip keeps the stress off your scalp.

When wearing the claw clip, start by loosely twisting your hair behind your shoulders. Then, flip it up and clip it to the rest of your hair. Be sure to keep the twist loose. Pull out some pieces to frame your face and secure the style with hairspray.