6 Best Overnight Hairstyles to Sleep in Comfortably

6 Best Overnight Hairstyles to Sleep in Comfortably


Do you wake up every morning with messy hair that is hopelessly tangled and knotted? Commonly known as bedhead, this problem often occurs because of our sleeping habits from the previous night. As we turn and toss in our sleep, this causes friction between our hair and the fibres in the pillow. Too much friction leads to hair damage in the long term, causing breakage and spilt ends.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the amount of hair friction that happens at night. For starters, you can sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, which provides a smooth surface to rest your hair. In addition, you may want to change to one of the more protective night hairstyles for bed. These overnight hairstyles are comfortable to sleep in, easy to maintain, and look elegant day or night.

Beauty experts and hair stylists agree that sleeping with certain hairstyles can create a polished look by the morning. Whether you sleep with curly hair or straight hair, there are many suitable and comfortable hairstyle options available. Check out these six best overnight hairstyles to sleep in comfortably:


1. Sleeping with braids

Sleeping with braids is a great overnight hairstyle.


Overnight braids are an old beauty trick, known for their ability to deliver gorgeous and even waves in the morning. In order to protect your hair from strain, keep the braids slightly loose without applying too much tension. Be sure to go to bed with dry hair because wet hair braids are more likely to be damaged.

Depending on the nature of your hair, you may prefer certain braided hairstyles over others. Some popular options include French braids, fishtail braids, and rope braids, all of which are pretty easy to assemble. Experiment over several nights to find the most comfortable overnight braids for you.


2. Sleeping with hair in a bun

Sleeping with your hair in a bun is a comfortable hairstyle to sleep in.


A messy bun is loose, relaxed, and very comfortable to sleep in. Your hair won’t move around as much when it is tied into a bun, which limits the knots and tangles. The hair also won’t brush against your face at night, so it won’t be as oily either. When you wake up next morning, you get gentle curls that can be pinned together for a beautiful daytime hairstyle.

To put together the messy bun, start with slightly damp hair. Next, place a scarf around the base of your skull, positioned approximately behind your ears. Then, start tying the loose ends above your forehead. Working with two-inch sections of hair, wrap each piece over the scarf. Pick up a new section of hair each time you move, until the messy bun is completed.


3. Sleeping with hair up

Sleeping with your hair tied up is a comfortable overnight hairstyle.


Looking for an alternative to the loose braid or the messy bun? There are many other ways to tie up your hair before you go to sleep every night. The simplest option is to gather your hair in a loose wrap around your hand, twist it on top of your head, and secure with open-ended pins. You may also use other hair accessories, such as a structured hair donut, to keep the tied-up hairstyles in place.

You may have noticed that many overnight hairstyles involve tying up your hair in some capacity. It is better to sleep with your hair up than down, since unsecured hair gets tangled up throughout the night. When tying up your hair, make sure it stays in place without being pulled too aggressively. Remember to be gentle, as sleeping with your hair tightly pulled may cause long-term strain.


4. Sleeping with short hair

Another comfortable overnight hairstyle is sleeping with short hair.


Although long hairstyles are strikingly beautiful, they do require more maintenance than their shorter counterparts. The longer your hair, the more upkeep is required to preserve the hairstyle. For those who want to simplify their overnight haircare routine, why not get a haircut at your next salon appointment? You may be surprised by the practical benefits of short hair, especially when it comes to sleep.

There are many chic and gorgeous short hairstyles that look fabulous on a variety of women. From the pixie cut to a wavy bob, these are all comfortable hairstyles to sleep in overnight. While regular maintenance is still needed when you sleep with short hair, the effort involved is much simpler by comparison. With short hairstyles, you will enjoy the significant time saved in your daily and nightly haircare routine.


5. Sleeping with curly hair

You need to take extra care when sleeping with curly hair.


If you have naturally curly hair, plopping is an easy way to keep glossy curls in the morning. Start by taking a shower, and then add a heat-protecting cream to your wet hair afterwards. Next, flip the hair over your head and slowly lower it onto a t-shirt, laid out on a bed. Pull the rest of the fabric over the back of your head. Stand up and tie the shirt sleeves to the top of your forehead. In the morning, your curls will be dry, bouncy, and frizz-free.


6. Sleeping with hair wrap

Sleeping with a hair wrap is a comfortable method for night time.


If your morning goal is straight and even hair, consider a wrap method to keep your hair secured in place. Start by brushing out clean, dry hair that has been straightened. Create a middle part, then flip a large section of hair over to the other side. Use your hand to hold down the back of your hair and prevent any lumps.

Next, take a lower section from the same side and smooth it over the top. This creates a wrapped combover from one side to the other. Clip your hair in place before wrapping the second side around in the same direction. With a bit of practice, you’ll love the morning look of this hair wrap.