6 Cute Aesthetic Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair

6 Cute Aesthetic Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair


In the movies, a female protagonist gets a haircut to symbolize the start of a fearless journey. The same logic applies to your everyday life, as short hairstyles can boost your confidence significantly. Shorter hair gives women a powerful feminine look. It carries positive connotations of courage, fierceness, and individuality.

Short hairstyles for women come with many benefits. They are low-maintenance and require minimal styling compared to longer hair. The shorter length also helps you cope with the warm weather, so you won’t have to pull your hair into a ponytail amid the summer heat. Best of all, short hairstyles can look very cute on women, giving you an energetic look packed with charm and enthusiasm.

Whether you have fine or thick hair, your hair stylist can recommend many short aesthetic hairstyles that fit you perfectly. Check out these six cute aesthetic hairstyles for women with short hair.


Short wavy bob

The wavy bob is one of the best short aesthetic hairstyles.


With blunt bobs slowly going out style these days, it’s time to switch up your short hair. If you want to stick with face-framing short aesthetic hairstyles, consider a wavy bob instead. Thankfully, all you need for this look are a curling iron and heat-protecting products. This short hairstyle is quick to put together, and it’s easy to maintain as well.

For the colouring part, book an appointment at the hair salon to perfect the dye job. With platinum hair colour, you also need to touch up every six to eight weeks for maintenance. Otherwise, you can introduce darker highlights for a new look.


Short bob with flipped out ends

A bob with flipped out ends is one of the best short hairstyles for women.


It’s cute slicking your bob through your ears, but even that can get tiring in the summer heat. For a sleek look, consider flipping out the ends. You might need a mini trim at the hair salon for the perfect flipped ends.

Maintaining this hairstyle is very achievable at home. Straighten your hair with a flat iron and flip the ends up to about one inch. Place a parting and apply some styling gel with a fine-tooth comb. Distribute the product evenly, and make sure to press down the hair with your palm, followed by the comb.


Cute pixie cuts

A pixie cut is one of the cute hairstyles for short hair.


Draw inspiration from Halle Berry, Ginnifer Goodwin, and other beautiful actresses with a feminine pixie cut. A pixie hairstyle will frame your face perfectly, ideal if you have prominent cheekbones. In the movies, characters with pixie cuts tend to be vibrant, upbeat, and full of enthusiasm. You can channel that same energy in real life with this cute short hairstyle.

Pixie cuts work with different textures, including curly hair. Visit your hairstylist if you’re considering this look. They will help you with a haircut that suits your curl pattern. If you experience frizz, use a curl-defining product to keep your coils fresh and hydrated.


Box braid lob

The box braid lob is one of the best short aesthetic hairstyles for women.


Think of the lob as the classic bob’s taller sister. It is a lengthier variant that rests right above the shoulders. The box braid lob combines two stunning hairstyles in one. Suited for women growing their short hair, it can serve as a protective style for your natural hair. You can also try this look in different colours like blonde, platinum, or even pink.

For maintenance, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night. Use some leave-in conditioner for protection as well. During the day, keep your baby hairs in place with some edge control. Switch up the styling with some beads and jewelry.


Crown braid with short hair

A crown braid is one of the best short aesthetic hairstyles.


If your hair is long enough for a bob, you may have enough length to create a crown braid, even with short hair. Keep in mind that you can’t achieve this look if your hair is too short. You might need thicker hair and possibly short hair extensions for volume.

Start by sectioning your hair into two halves and plait two Dutch braids. Each braid should start facing the opposite sides. Wrap the first braid from front to back. Then, layer the opposite braid over it and pin it in place. Loosen the braids for fluff and finish with hairspray. Get some hairpins to keep the braids in place.


Short female mullet

The mullet is one of the best short hairstyles for women.


In recent years, the modernized mullet has made a dramatic return to hairstyling trends. The 80s-inspired look is one of the hottest short hairstyles taking over the fashion world. The layers at the back give a rich dimension to your hair. The bangs in front will also bring out your edgier side. Your hairstylist is best qualified to create this cute hairstyle aesthetic for you.