6 Different Types of Blonde Highlights

6 Different Types of Blonde Highlights


Many women love adding blonde highlights to their hair. The highlights allow you to brighten your hairstyle without going completely blonde. You can also use highlights before transitioning to different hair colours, like a trial period as you get adjusted to your new look. With various shades of blonde highlights, you can never run out of styling ideas that suit your skin tone and personal aesthetics.

The beauty of highlights is that they can be bold and dramatic or subtle and elegant, all depending on your style. For those who want to transform their appearance, make a striking fashion statement with vibrant hues in your blonde highlights. If you prefer a softer aesthetic, try blending the blonde highlights with your natural hair colour instead.

From balayage to baby lights, our hairstylists use various techniques to achieve gorgeous blonde highlights. Here are six different types of blonde highlights for your next hair salon appointment:


Type #1: Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Type #1 - Blonde Face Framing Highlights


As the name implies, these types of blonde highlights allow you to frame your face stylishly. The highlights work by adding lighter sections to the front of your hair. Doing this will emphasize your facial features and show off your cheekbones. At the same time, the highlights maintain a uniform shade at the back, allowing the attention to remain on your eyes and cheeks.

If you prefer to stick to a natural look, use a shade slightly lighter than your current hair colour. Style in either a side or center parting for the best results. The best characteristic is that you can try this look no matter the colour of your hair. You also won’t need to touch your roots with this style.


Type #2: Balayage Blonde Highlights 

Type #2 - Balayage Blonde Highlights


You can never go wrong with a blonde balayage. With this highlighting technique, hairstylists hand-paint the colour into your hair instead of using foils. The colouring method has a softer effect, resulting in a blended, natural shade. If you want to transition from an intense shade to a deeper one, introduce brown highlights to tone down the brightness.

You can even try this style if you have short hair. The key to success is to keep the colour at least two inches away from the roots while hand painting. For a softer look, introduce beach waves or any curls that you prefer.


Type #3: Mushroom Blonde Highlights 

Type #3 - Mushroom Blonde Highlights


Are mushrooms good enough to eat and pretty enough to stay on your hair? The answer is a resounding yes! Like actual mushrooms, this highlight colour works well with women of different ages. You can hardly call this a light or dark shade since it stays right in the middle.

Brunettes looking to brighten their look can use this blonde highlight idea for beautiful results. Women with blonde hair can also try this colour to transition to a darker shade. Ask your colourist for an ashy version of a brown ombre so that you don’t end up with generic highlights.


Type #4: Dirty Blonde Highlights 

Type #4 - Dirty Blonde Highlights


If you have dark hair, you can create a beautiful look with dirty blonde highlights. Unlike some colours, dirty blonde suits women of different ages regardless of their hair length. Hairstylists achieve these dark blonde highlights by bleaching sections of the hair. When the blonde highlights mix with your naturally dark roots, it creates a distinctive and fashionable appearance.


Type #5: Honey Blonde Highlights 

Type #5 - Honey Blonde Highlights


Honey blonde highlights add beautiful dimensions, vibrant hues, and rich textures to your hairstyle. The colour looks warm and radiant, like retaining a slice of the summer season year-round with your light blonde highlights. There’s also a distinctively romantic vibe to the honey blonde hair colour, giving you a softer and more feminine appearance.

The honey blonde highlights can complement all hairstyles, but they are incredibly luminous with long wavy hair. Once the highlights have settled into your hair, use heat sparingly when curling the strands to avoid further damage. After creating the waves, remember to finish with a heat protectant.


Type #6: Ash-Blonde Highlights

Type #6 - Ash-Blonde Highlights


Are you looking for a sophisticated colour to use in your blonde highlights? Women who rock ash-blonde highlights carry an air of class and elegance. Some people mistake this colour for a platinum blonde due to its similarly cool tones. However, ash-blonde highlights tend to blend with dark roots to add dimension to the hairstyle.

Ash-blonde highlights work best when you have a cool skin tone. If you are on the warmer side, avoid ashy tones because they won’t complement your complexion. Ask your colourist for brighter colours like caramel or golden blonde instead.