6 Tips to Keep Hair Colour Longer In Between Salon Visits

6 Tips to Keep Hair Colour Longer In Between Salon Visits


Is your hair looking a little dull lately? It may be time to refresh your look and add a little glamourous pizzazz to your hair colour. You will be amazed at how much a new hair colour can transform your physical appearance entirely. Whether you opt for a natural shade or you finally decide to go blonde, the new hair colour will give you an enormous confidence boost.

Getting your hair coloured at a professional salon is so simple and effortless. You get to choose between a variety of shades and colours that best reflect your mood and personality. Your hairstylist will do an impeccable job with the hair colouring, and you will walk out of that hair salon feeling fabulous about your new look.

As amazing as you may look for the first couple of days, nothing lasts forever. Slowly but surely, your new hair colour may lose its gloss and shine over time. While this process is unavoidable, there are several techniques to keep your hair colour looking vibrant for longer periods of time. If you are wondering how to keep your hair colour longer in between salon visits, check out these following tips:


1. Protect your hair from the sun

Protect your hair from the sun


We know how much you love your new hair colour and want to show it off to the world. However, too much time in the sun can leave even the healthiest hair brittle and difficult to handle. When your hair has been coloured, you should shield it from the intense sunlight. Failing to protect your hair can make the dyes fade at an accelerated rate, especially when you spend a lot of time in the sunny outdoors.

In order to keep your hair colour longer, you can apply hair conditioner with effective sun protection qualities. These conditioners are made specifically to protect your hair from the harmful sun rays. In addition, don’t forget to wear a hat when you are outdoors for an extended period. If you have an eye for fashion, a cute looking hat can complement your new hair colour in a chic and stylish way!


2. Go easy on curling irons and straighteners


Just like how the powerful rays of the sun can damage your hair colour, these heated hairstyling tools have a similar side effect. This doesn’t mean you have to give up using your curling irons and hair straighteners entirely. However, it’s a great idea to refrain from using these tools for a week after you get your hair coloured. If you do use these devices, try to use them more sparingly to sustain the longevity of your hair colour.


3. Steer clear from hot showers or baths


When you take a hot shower (or soak your hair in a hot bath), the cuticles in your hair will open, allowing the dye to dissolve into the water and wash away. In order to keep your hair colour longer, it’s much better to take showers at a milder temperature. You may also want to consider rinsing with icy cold water. This will close your hair cuticles, keeping your hair beautifully coloured for a long amount of time.

For many people, refraining from hot steamy showers may seem like a steep price to pay in your quest for coloured hair. Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference to decide whether you prioritize comfort or style.


4. Don’t take showers as frequently

Don't take showers as frequently


Showers are often the biggest culprit when it comes to hair colour fading before its time. At first, you might feel uncomfortable not showering every single day. However, it’s just healthier to wash your hair every other day or so. Even though your hair might feel greasy for the first few weeks, you can hold it together with some good quality shampoo and a copious amount of willpower.

Like the previous tip, many people are uncomfortable with giving up their daily showers, so only you can decide whether this is the right course of action. The journey to keep your hair colour longer is full of sacrifices, including a little bit of your personal hygiene!


5. Filter your shower water

Filter your shower water


Many homes have a filter for their drinking water, but have you ever considered installing one in your shower head? A good filter will remove the harmful chemicals and contaminants from the water. This will help your hair to stay healthier and beautifully coloured for a longer amount of time.


6. Get your hair trimmed

Get your hair trimmed


When you get your hair coloured, ask your hairstylist for a slight trim around the edges of your hair. Not only will this give your hair a fresh salon look, it will help the dyes settle better. Keeping your hair colour is harder when you have dry, split ends. That’s because hair dye has a harder time bonding to split ends. For this reason, you should consider having your hair trimmed every few weeks to make sure you look your best.