7 Comfortable and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Women

7 Comfortable and Cute Summer Hairstyles for Women


Whether you are spending this summer in the sunny outdoors or the air-conditioned indoors, your comfort comes first. Amid the sizzling hot temperatures, many of us prefer a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle that will withstand the heat and sweat. Luckily, there are many cute summer hairstyles that you can prepare quite easily.

Your favourite magazines probably asked you to get a big haircut for the summer. This is great advice because short hairstyles look appealing regardless of the weather. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to a short length to rock a beautiful summer hairstyle. You can still look cute and feel comfortable with a variety of summer long hairstyles as well.

At our Tony Shamas hair salon, we have prepared a list of summer hairstyles for long hair, short hair, and everything in between. Check out these seven different types of summer hairstyles that you will enjoy:


1. Side braid hairstyles

Side braids are easy summer hairstyles for women with long hair.


Summer is the time to look like an off-duty model with very minimal effort. The side braid is one of the easiest summer hairstyles, ideal for women who don’t want to spend hours maintaining their hair. With the right hairstyling tools, this is a simple yet stylish look that you can prepare in less than five minutes.

To create a side braid, start by brushing your hair gently. Next, apply a moisturizer or mousse before sweeping your hair to the side. Secure the hair in a loose ponytail, braid the ends, and finish with your favourite hairspray. A side braid can be worn in a side part or a centre part, depending on your vibe.


2. High ponytail hairstyles

A high ponytail is an easy summer hairstyle for women with long hair. 


High ponytails help you to create a fashionable look, especially when you sleek the baby hairs back. Use a regular detangling brush to comb through the hair before applying a styling pomade. Then, sleek back the lumps with a boar brush. Afterwards, hold the hair into a high ponytail with an elastic hairband. While you can use extensions to enhance your look, they are not necessary with naturally long hair.

If you have thin hair, try this style a few days after washing to prevent further thinning. Fur curly and fuller hair, use the recommended styling products to keep the baby hairs in place.


3. Beach wave hairstyles 

Beach waves are easy summer hairstyles for women with long hair.


What’s summer without memories of going to the beach and enjoying the sunshine? Whether you want to go for a swim or lounge on the sand, you’ll enjoy this versatile summer hairstyle. It’s a sexy summer look that lets your hair down, while styling it with a slightly tousled appearance. For even more visual appeal, consider pairing the beach waves with a blonde balayage.

Like the beach, this hairstyle requires a finishing touch of sea salt. After washing your hair, run through the locks with a mousse and create waves with a curling wand. If you don’t want to use heat styling tools, another method is to section your hair into twists and detangle after airdrying. With both methods, you must apply a sea salt spray after detangling.


4. Loose bun hairstyles

Loose buns are easy summer hairstyles for women with long hair.


Don’t you hate it when your hair keeps getting in your face and sticking to your lip gloss on a hot, sweaty day? If you want to get your hair out of the way, a low bun might be the ideal solution. This style requires a shorter styling time than the high ponytail, even if they follow similar methods. However, it is unnecessary to sleek down the hair, and you can simply tie it up in a loose bun.

After brushing your hair, secure it in a ponytail and braid the tip into a bun. Otherwise, style the ends in a square scarf for a more edgy appearance. To complete the look, you will want to tidy up your hair with a styling brush, before finishing off with a hairspray.


5. Twisted bun hairstyles

Twisted buns are easy summer hairstyles for women with long hair.


The twisted bun hairstyle isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. Once you get used to the technique, this can be a simple low-maintenance hairstyle that takes only several minutes of your time. The benefit of a twisted bun is its elegant appearance, giving you a sophisticated summer look that doesn’t take long to prepare.

Transition a basic low bun to a French twist with an extra edge. You can either do a braided crown or classic side part, depending on how well you braid your hair. For the basic style, part your hair into two portions, and braid both sides separately. Pin both braids together in a low bun and finish with a hair spray.


6. Pigtail hairstyles

Pigtails are easy summer hairstyles for women with long hair.


For most people, the summer is a celebration of youthful energy. Channel this into the pigtail trend that celebrities like Zendaya have worn recently. Pigtails are a simple and chic way to style your hair without breaking a muscle. This easy summer hairstyle will reinvent your usual look, giving you a livelier appearance.

A similar counterpart is putting your hair into pigtail buns. For this hairstyle, section your hair into two equal parts and brush. Hold them into two high ponytails and fold them into neat buns. Depending on the volume of your hair, you can also style the ends into cute bows. Wear the buns loose to avoid headaches.


7. Hairstyles with summer accessories

Add jewellery or accessories to your summer hairstyles for long hair and short hair.


Hair jewellery is the latest summer trend that you can add to any short, medium, or long hairstyle. Whether you are attending a music festival or a summer wedding, hair accessories will accentuate your appearance. From ponytail chains to headbands, you have unlimited choices for accessorizing your hair in a stylish way.

Some popular hair jewellery includes pins, which you can clip in after styling your ponytail. You may also choose between a variety of scrunchies, hair ties, and head scarves. Finish your look with a pair of sunglasses over your forehead, and you will channel the perfect summer vibe!