7 Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs

7 Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair with Bangs


Short hair with bangs is a cute, charming hairstyle that looks great on many women. The short hair frames your face in an attractive way, giving you a more vibrant and youthful appearance. The bangs also complete your overall look, adding a touch of elegance to elevate your style. When you pair short hair and bangs together, you get a winning combination that will dazzle in any crowd.

Whether you go for side bangs or wispy bangs, there are many beautiful ways to style your short hair with bangs. Getting the bangs right is a particularly important step, requiring meticulous care and attention. You need to make sure your hair is cut properly at the appropriate length, neither too long nor too short. A trip to the hair salon will ensure your bangs are expertly trimmed with style, skill, and precision.

Are you looking for a list of cute hairstyles with bangs? Check out these seven chic options on how to style bangs with short hair:


1. Short hair with side swept bangs

Short hair with side swept bangs


You can create a cute, classy look by pairing your short hair with side swept bangs. This hairstyle looks polished with a touch of elegance, while still maintaining a playful and feminine charm. As you sweep the hair to one side, it creates a soft diagonal line that frames your facial features gracefully. This cute hairstyle is popular at hair salons, and it looks great for round faces or rectangular faces.

The side swept bangs are the signature look of famous celebrities like Emma Stone, who has worn this style with both short hair and long hair. Even as your hair grows lengthier, this haircut still retains its poised appearance, giving you a versatile look that lasts a long time.


2. Short pixie cut with bangs

Short pixie cut with bangs


The pixie cut is a classic short hairstyle that looks fantastic with bangs. This hairstyle gives you a youthful and energetic appearance, framing your face in a way that highlights your delicate features. Thanks to its style and versatility, the pixie cut is one of those timeless hairstyles that never go out of style. The bangs can be tousled, asymmetric, or curled and still look great regardless of your choice.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin is a pixie cut icon that has embraced the short hairstyle with bangs wholeheartedly. She, along with many other women, carries this cute hairstyle with confidence and ease.


3. Short blunt cut with bangs

Short blunt cut with bangs


Not everyone can pull off blunt bangs, but this bold and distinctive hairstyle looks mesmerizing when done right. The blunt bangs produce a straight horizontal line across the forehead, which draws attention to your eyes. The hairstyle is also framed in a way that brings out the fullness of your cheeks. The blunt cut suits some women perfectly, giving them a trendy and high-fashion aesthetic.


4. Short hair with choppy bangs

Short hair with choppy bangs


If the blunt bangs don’t resonate with your style, then maybe you’ll respond better to short hair with choppy bangs. Instead of having evenly trimmed bangs, your hair is cut a little less precisely. These choppy bangs look carefree and tastefully messy, creating a chic hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Short hair with choppy bangs can be great for balancing round and oval face shapes.


5. Short tousled hair with bangs

Short tousled hair with bangs


A tousled look, complete with soft and slightly choppy bangs, is great for women seeking a relaxed hairstyle. This haircut looks effortless, as if you just rolled out of bed with hair that falls naturally into place. You can add some loose waves into your short-tousled hair for a soft, summery look.

You can put together the tousled hairstyle quickly and easily. Start by applying your favourite brand of dry shampoo. Then, play around with the product to give your hair some volume. Next, take small sections of your hair from various areas and lightly curl them. Finally, run your fingers through the hair a few times and enjoy your new look!


6. Shoulder length bob with bangs

Shoulder length bob with bangs


Looking for a simple and short shoulder length hairstyle with lots of flexibility? You will love the shoulder length bob, complete with cute bangs that drape naturally over your forehead. In its original form, this is a chic bob hairstyle that hangs just above your shoulders. You can style the hair and bangs in various ways, changing its volume and depth to produce different appearances.


7. Asymmetrical bob with side bangs

Asymmetrical bob with side bangs


A sharp asymmetric bob is a stunning high-fashion look, especially if you have the right hair type and face shape to pull it off. This hairstyle is usually known for its strong angled lines, but the side bangs can help to soften the impact of the bob. These bangs add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your look, while still retaining the unique personality that comes with the hairstyle.