7 Easy Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Women

7 Easy Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Women


Many of us are used to spending a fair amount of time on making our hairstyles look glamorous. We put in the extra effort because beautiful hair demands continuous upkeep. Every once in a while, we may enjoy a change of pace and relax a little on our hair care routines. Fortunately, we can choose from many low maintenance hairstyles that are easy, effortless, and stylishly chic.

Low maintenance hairstyles are popular because they require minimal primping. The hair falls naturally into place, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on upkeep. So many of us grapple with a hectic daily schedule: work, staying active, maintaining a social life…there never seems to be enough minutes in a day! With a low maintenance hairstyle, you can shave off some time in your morning routine and get on with your day.

When you switch to a no-fuss do, you’ll have a little more time to pause and breathe in the midst of your busy day. In the below list, we will describe our seven favourite low maintenance hairstyles that are super easy to put together:


1. Balayage hairstyles

Balayage is one of the best low maintenance hairstyles for women.


Instead of getting your roots recoloured all the time, opt for the gold standard in low-maintenance hair colour: balayage! This trendy technique is achieved by expertly hand-painting the hair from the bottom-up, resulting in gradual levels of depth and dimension.

Typically, the roots of your hair are kept their natural colour. As your hair grows out, the look is still maintained on the ends of your hair. For this reason, balayage provides the perfect elevated style. This low maintenance hairstyle is eye-catching on all hair types and lengths.


2. Going au-naturel

Go au naturel with your hair colour for less maintenance.


For a look that requires as little maintenance as possible, we recommend not straying too far from your natural colour. Your favourite hair salon can help you select colours that work with your existing tone and shade. Even as the colours fade over time, they still look as natural as possible. Overly vibrant or artificial hues (think hot pink, or a bright violet) need frequent retouches to maintain the look, or else they can quickly fade to a grey or dull tone.


3. Pixie cut hairstyles

If you like short hair, the pixie cut is a great low-maintenance hairstyle option.


Many of the easiest low maintenance hairstyles are short in length. Among all the possible options for short haircuts, the pixie cut is one of the most popular. This is a bold statement look that turns heads and requires mere minutes to style. Your hairstylist can recommend a chic pixie style that works best with your face shape and features.

To style most pixie cuts, all you need is a little pomade or styling cream. Coat your palms within no more than a dime-size dollop of product, and brush damp or dry hair in a few different directions. This hair care routine is as easy and low maintenance as it gets!


4. Braided hairstyles

Braids are low-maintenance hairstyles that look stylish!


Braided hairstyles are such an easy and efficient way to elevate a natural look. There are so many easy braided hairstyles that can be put together in a matter of minutes. Best of all, this type of hairstyle will put minimal stress upon your strands.

For long hair, try a loose fishtail braid for a boho-chic vibe. For a work-friendly look, loosely roll up your braid and secure with pins at the nape of your neck. With shorter hair, a braided headband (or a crown braid) along the front of your hairline is a great look for days between washes. The oils help to hold your braid in place, and the braid helps to disguise a slightly greasy scalp!


5. Ponytail hairstyles

Ponytails are good low-maintenance hairstyles if you're in a hurry.


Ponytails are perfect for the busy days when you don’t have the luxury of an elaborate hair maintenance routine. Ensure that you’re well-armed with an ample supply of hairbands, scrunchies, and maybe even a headscarf. A trendy hair accessory is the ultimate solution for a low maintenance hairstyle that still wows.


6. Soft layers

You can make the layers in your hair easier to maintain.


If your hair is thick, you can arrange the layers to achieve a low maintenance hairstyle that has movement and dimension. The arrangement varies depending on the type of hair, but your stylist will know how many layers to cut for optimizing the density in your hair. In general, soft layers tend to look good on most lengths and thickness.

To achieve an effortless look, tousle and scrunch the ends of your hair with serum (or salt spray) after coming out of the shower. The layers will help your hair dry into loose, beachy waves.


7. Keep your current hairstyle… but make it low maintenance!

You can make your current hairstyle more low maintenance.


For those of you who don’t want to part ways with your current hairstyle, there are several tricks to reduce the amount of upkeep in your hair care routine. Generally, the healthier your hair, the fewer products and tools are required for maintenance. After all, strong hair strands are less susceptible to frizz and breakage. Always ensure that you are using a good quality shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner specifically designed for your hair type.

Also, try extending the days between hair washes. Frequent hair washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, which weakens its structural defenses. For days between washes, use a dry shampoo. These wonderful products help to mask grease, while also adding a boost of volume at the roots for that “freshly washed” look.

Most dry shampoos on the market come in an aerosol can. The product is sprayed directly onto your roots, while holding the can about 15cm from your scalp. Within the next thirty seconds, the spray dries into a powder, which absorbs any grease on the scalp. Now, use the tips of your fingers to thoroughly massage the powder into your scalp. Doing this will get rid of any powdery, dandruff-looking residue along your hair line.