7 Hair Care Tips for How to Get Rid of Split Ends

7 Hair Care Tips for How to Get Rid of Split Ends


Beautiful hair requires ongoing effort and maintenance. Our hair can be so delicate, so it is susceptible to breakages and split ends with very little provocation. While these pesky split ends may not seem like a big deal at first, their effects can accumulate if you ignore them for too long. Having too many split ends can lead to your hair looking frizzy and unkempt instead of healthy and well-groomed.

Many people struggle with split ends on a day-to-day basis. The good news is that you can find many treatments available to get rid of split ends. The easiest method is to visit our hair salon, where the hairstylists have so much experience handling these types of problems. They will be able to get rid of the split ends and make your hair look marvellous again.

In addition, there are numerous hair care techniques that you can apply to keep the split ends at bay. Here are the seven best hair care tips for how to get rid of split ends:


Tip #1: Have your hair trimmed regularly.

Have your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends.


A haircut is one of the most successful methods to get rid of split ends. A simple trim will literally cut down on the number of split ends you have to deal with, hopefully taking that number right down to zero. Your best bet is to visit a skilled hairstylist, who will trim your hair carefully and cut away the split ends in a stylish manner.

For the best results, you should schedule for a regular trim at your favourite hair salon approximately every six to eight weeks. These consistent hair salon appointments will ensure that any split ends are properly maintained.


Tip #2: Get rid of split ends with the right hair products.

Get rid of split ends with the right hair products.


Split ends are often aggravated by the wrong types of hair products. Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal, so there are some products that can actually be harmful to your hair. Ideally, you want to use products that will soothe and moisturize the hair strands. When your hair is moisturized, it will lessen the occurrence of unsightly and frustrating split ends.

The best hair care products for split ends will contain natural ingredients with strong moisturizing qualities. You should look for shampoos and conditioners with keratin, which is a protein that works particularly well for treating split ends. As an additional bonus, keratin hair products are also beneficial for restoring dry or damaged hair.


Tip #3: Use a hair mask to treat the split ends.

Use a hair mask to treat the split ends.


A hair mask is another effective treatment to get rid of split ends. There are dozens of hair mask recipes that can moisturize and revitalize unhealthy hair. Many of these hair masks call for only two or three ingredients, which are commonly found around the house. A popular choice is the honey and olive oil treatment, which can be applied onto your hair for twenty to thirty minutes. Remember to thoroughly rinse out the hair masks after use.


Tip #4: Avoid excessive and frequent showering.

Avoid excessive and frequent showering.


Split ends often occur when your hair is dry and brittle. As such, you should be mindful of any activity that may dry out your hair faster, such as showering. When you shower too frequently, you are at risk of removing the essential natural oils from your hair, making it more vulnerable. Excessive showering could result in hair dryness, which leads to a more probable likelihood of split ends.

Instead of showering every single day, you may decide to save it for every other day. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with greasy looking roots! There are plenty of dry shampoos that can absorb the excess oil in your roots, while adding volume to your locks. On the days when you want to avoid showering, you may use a dry shampoo instead.


Tip #5: Be careful when you are drying your hair.

Be careful when you are drying your hair.


After taking a shower, you probably grab a nearby towel and use it to dry your hair. There is a common tendency to wrap the towel around our heads and leave it in this position during the post-shower routine. However, this habit may actually contribute to split ends. The weight and texture of the bath towel can damage your hair, which may be in a more fragile condition since it is wet.

When drying your hair with a towel, remember to use gentle and careful movements. You should pat the excess water from your hair instead of wringing it with force. There are also potentially safer alternatives than using bath towels, which typically have a rough and coarse texture. Go for softer and lighter cotton fabrics (like that in most t-shirts) to dry your wet hair instead.


Tip #6: Keep your hair away from the heat.

Keep your hair away from the heat.


Heat is incredibly damaging to your hair. When you use heated styling tools like hair straighteners or curling wands, you are weakening the overall structure of your hair. This makes the hair more susceptible to split ends. To maintain the quality of your hair, avoid using these heated tools excessively. You may also want to try out some natural hairstyles, which can still look glamourous without requiring added heat.


Tip #7: Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to get rid of split ends.


Regular pillowcases are typically made with cotton or linen. These materials are fine for comfort, but they don’t allow your hair to move about freely. Every time you twist and turn your head on these types of pillows, you may be at risk of damaging your hair.

On the other hand, silk pillowcases let your locks slip and slide all night with less risk of tangles or trapped hair. When you sleep on a silk pillowcase, you are lessening the risk of damaged hair strands, which could result in fewer split ends over time.