7 Professional Hairstyles for Women Going to Work

7 Professional Hairstyles for Women Going to Work


It’s trendy to search for professional office hairstyles this season. After over a year of working from home, you want to look sharp and polished when returning to the office. Between dressing up and adjusting to your commute, styling your hair might consume too much time sometimes. During busy workdays, a few easy hairstyles for work will sound incredibly appealing to you.

With the proper hair styling techniques, you can transform your hair from frizzy to professional in under five minutes. However, consider your hair length when styling. Ensure to wash your hair the night before and wrap it in a silk bonnet. If you have curly hair, part your hair into small twists to protect your ends.

Our Toronto hair salon can recommend some gorgeous work hairstyles that will dazzle your coworkers. Check out this list of seven professional hairstyles for women going to work:


1. High bun hairstyles

The high bun is one of the best professional hairstyles for women.


You can’t go wrong with a classic high bun. If you find frizz or tangles in the morning, this low-maintenance hairstyle can save you precious time on a bad hair day. Start by combing through your hair with your fingers to detangle. Apply some moisturizer and brush with a soft bristle brush. Hold the hair tightly with a scrunchie and brush again.

If you have long hair, wrap the ponytail twice around until it creates the shape of the bun you prefer. Hold the bun with bobby pins and ensure to keep them out of sight. With shorter hair, braid the ponytail and fold into the scrunchie. Pin your hair extension to the ponytail and wrap twice around to shape the high bun.


2. Ponytail hairstyles

The ponytail is one of the easy hairstyles for work you might like.


A ponytail is simpler to style than a bun, usually taking less than five minutes. If you have straighter hair, you can create a messy bun and head to work in minutes. For curly hair, get a brush, moisturizer, and pins to hold your hair in place.

After moisturizing, hold the hair in place with a scrunchie. Pin the middle and back to keep stray ends from flying away. For a polished look, use a scarf to tie the ponytail. Avoid wearing this hairstyle too tight to prevent hair loss.


3. Braided hairstyles

Braids make for excellent office hairstyles.


Have you tied your hair into a ponytail multiple days in a row? If so, maybe you’re starting to get bored with the same look. What if there’s a way to rock one style in versatile ways without running of options?

Fortunately, braided hairstyles come in different looks. There are twists, cornrows, and so many trendy styles to try. You can put together the braids in a high bun, side braid, and French braids. However, ensure to moisturize your scalp daily to prevent shedding. Keep your braids for one month at most. Afterwards, try other looser styles to protect your hair.


4. Blunt bob hairstyles

The blunt bob is one of the most powerful work hairstyles.


How you show up at work sometimes determines how confident you feel. If longer hairstyles get in the way, perhaps a shorter one will help you focus better. Many women like the bob because it makes them feel powerful in the office. These days, long bobs are the hottest work hairstyles because you spend little time styling every morning.

A blunt bob accentuates your cheekbones and frames your face. However, opt for a versatile style so you can switch up your look frequently. Speak to your hairstylist about getting the best haircuts that frame your face elegantly.


5. Pixie cut hairstyles

The pixie cut is one of the best professional hairstyles for women.


Bobs aren’t the only ideal short professional hairstyles for women going to work. With a pixie cut, you can wear your hair lower and look polished. These short hairstyles are fuller and require extra attention to keep the curls in place. However, if you moisturize adequately, you can visit your hairstylist for the occasional touch-up. Pixie cuts show your personality and make you look powerful, regardless of your position at work.

6. Loose curls hairstyles

Loose curls are easy hairstyles for work.


Nothing spells confidence at work than wearing loose curls. For curl patterns before the four categories, ensure to wash your hair the night before to save time. The secret is to air dry your hair and use a t-shirt to scrunch up the excess water. Apply hydrating creams and leave-in moisturizer as you watch your curls come to life.

For 4C hair, part your curly hair into small twists before bedtime and wrap it in a silk bonnet. The following morning, loosen the twists and comb through with your fingers. Brush the curls into place and add a centre or side part if you choose.


7. Half-do hairstyles

The half-do is one of the quick and easy office hairstyles.


With a half-do, you can wear the same style from work to an evening event. Beyond the versatility, you can also fix your hair in time for work. Gather the hair into a mid-ponytail and brush until it lays flat against your head. Secure the half ponytail with a hairband and brush the bottom half with a wide comb for volume. Sleek the top down with a moisturizing cream and apply curl-defining cream to the ends.