7 Quick and Easy Braided Hairstyles

7 Quick and Easy Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are trendy, chic and timeless. Your braids are elegantly suited for parties and formal occasions, but also feel fresh and vibrant even if you wear them at a casual event. With the right types of braids, this versatile hairstyle can look beautiful with just about any length of hair.

A common misconception with braided hairstyles is that they may seem too complicated and fussy to prepare. While some braids are rather elaborate, there are also plenty of easy braided hairstyles that do not require a lot of preparation. Despite their intricate appearances, some of the easiest braided hairstyles can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Here is a list of seven easy braided hairstyles that you can quickly put together:


Hairstyle #1 – Back braided bun

The back braided bun is an easy braided hairstyle.


Who says that braids and buns can’t mix? This gorgeous hairstyle will wow your friends and create conversations about just how you did your hair.

Start by grabbing the hair from the very top of your head and clip it away from your face. Next, create three braids using the remaining hair at the back of your head, which can be as thick or thin as you want. Then, tie off each braid before unclipping the rest of the hair. Afterwards, pull everything together into a simple top knot.

Once the knot is in place, pin each of the three braids into the bun. You may want to experiment with pins to make the look as seamless as possible, almost as if the braids are growing into the bun. The end result will have three braids running up the back of your head, accompanied by a top knot at the end.


Hairstyle #2 – Side fishtail braid

The side fishtail braid is an easy braided hairstyle.


You may have seen a lot of your favourite celebrities wear the fishtail braid, even if you didn’t know the exact name of it. This hip and trendy braided hairstyle may look intricate, but it is actually rather simple to put together.

To begin, you will want to take all your gorgeous hair and sweep it into a simple side ponytail. Tie everything together at the top with a hair tie of your choice. Then, divide your hair into two sections, leaving nothing extraneous. Next, take a few strands of hair from the outside of one section, bringing it over to the big section of hair. Combine it with the opposite one, and then repeat on the other side.

Continue with this motion, working your way down the hair until you hit the end. Finally, secure everything with an elastic or hair tie.


Hairstyle #3 – Ultra-loose braid

The ultra-loose braid is an easy braided hairstyle.


The ultra-loose braid is perfect if you are going for an elegant yet low-key look. This beautiful hairstyle works best on long hair, although you may be able to pull it off with medium-length hair as well.

For this braided hairstyle, you actually don’t start braiding until quite near the end of your hair. You begin by securing the hair with an elastic about two-thirds of the way down the length of your locks. Then, loosely braid the remaining one-third of your hair and tie it off. Don’t forget to take out the elastic that you used at the beginning.

This hairstyle is going to look slightly loose, which is the intended effect. You want to make it as though the hair at the top naturally goes into a braid. Be careful not to braid too loosely, or you could end up with flyaway strands all over the place.


Hairstyle #4 – Parted braided bun

The parted braided bun is an easy braided hairstyle.


This is another braided hairstyle that effortlessly combines the classiness of buns with more simple, carefree braids. Start by parting your hair down the middle, as evenly as possible. Next, secure the hair on one side of your head with a clip as you work on the other side. Take the hair on the other side and braid it normally into three or more braids. Make the braids as tight and neat as possible, as this will add to the overall effect.

Once completed, repeat on the other side of your head. While maintaining that beautiful middle part, twist the braids on each side together and secure them with bobby pins. You should end up with a beautiful bun on each side of your head.


Hairstyle #5 – Hybrid fishtail braid

The hybrid fishtail braid is an easy braided hairstyle.


Is it a ponytail? Is it a fishtail braid? By combining the best of both worlds, you get an easy braided hairstyle that looks stunning and effortless at the same time. Begin by brushing your hair and applying mousse until it gets that smooth, glossy sheen. Then, pull your hair back into a ponytail somewhere near the nape of your neck. Secure the ponytail with an elastic.

Next, braid three or four inches of your hair, similar to what you do with the fishtail braid. Close off this braid with another braid. When you are finished, you should have a ponytail with a short fishtail braid, accompanied by several more inches of loose hair at the bottom.


Hairstyle #6 – Wreath of braids

The wreath of braids is an easy braided hairstyle.


Contrary to the name, this hairstyle isn’t technically a wreath of braids, since it covers the back of your head instead of the top. Nonetheless, this is another easy braided hairstyle that you will surely love.

Start by parting your hair down the middle, all the way to the back of your neck. Separate the hair into two sections, tying one section to the back so that it doesn’t obstruct when you braid the other section. Then, braid both sections normally. You will need to pull one braid up, over the top of your head, and down the other side. Secure the braid in this position with pins.

Take the other braid and wrap it around the bottom of your head, bringing it up to meet where the first braid originally started. Add more pins to this braid. If done correctly, the braids should look as if they form one unbroken circle around the back of your head.


Hairstyle #7 – Braided double pigtails

The braided double pigtails are one of the easy braided hairstyles.


The double ponytails are one of the easiest braided hairstyles to put together. Begin by parting your hair down the middle and dividing it into two sections. Tie off both sections into half-high ponytails and then braid each one normally. Once completed, tie off both braids and remove the elastics at the top.

You will end up with a quirky take on the typical pigtails. For variation, you can try amplifying the hairstyle by braiding each section into a French, Dutch, or fishtail style.