7 Tips for Maintaining Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

7 Tips for Maintaining Blonde Hair with Dark Roots


Going blonde is a transformative experience that can change the way you look. However, blonde hair requires regular maintenance to preserve the shine and polish of the colour. If your hair is not naturally blonde, you will soon encounter a gradual progression of dark roots. Over time, these dark roots will eventually overtake your blonde hair, creating harsh growth lines that look unruly.

While some women enjoy the distinct appearance of having dark roots in their blonde hair, this style isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, maintaining blonde hair with dark roots is an easy process. It involves different hair toning and root blending techniques to preserve the blonde colour. You should also make regular visits to the hair salon, where the hair stylist will touch up on the dark roots in your blonde hair.

Do you know what to do with dark roots and blonde hair? Follow these seven easy tips for maintaining blonde hair with dark roots:


1. Use specialized shampoo for blonde hair

Use specialized shampoo for blonde hair


Some shampoos are known to strip the hair of its pigment and natural oils. This is attributed to the simple fact that the more you wash your hair, the faster it fades. Ideally, you should limit your hair washes to two or three times a week, which prevents dulling and gives your blonde hair some tender loving care. If your hair feels oily during non-wash days, consider using a dry shampoo as a substitute.

When showering, make sure you use specialized shampoos for blondes. These types of shampoos aim to brighten the blonde hair colour by gently removing dark and dull build-up. Using these shampoos regularly will help to preserve the spectrum of the blonde hair tones.


2. Get dark root treatments for blonde hair

Get dark root treatments for blonde hair


A hair salon is the best venue for maintaining blonde hair with dark roots. The hairstylist will introduce a variety of hair treatments to manage your dark roots. These treatments work by blending the colours together, as a way of reducing the harsh contrast between the blonde hair and the dark roots. The result is a more evenly distributed hair tone, bringing out the radiance of the blonde colour.

To make dark roots on blonde hair appear chic, you may use hair strengthening treatments combined with special techniques, such as root smudging, balayage finishes, or classic ombre. At home, use a hair-lightening spray enriched with citrus and chamomile for subtle dark root blending. Do this treatment after shampooing damp blonde hair, which restores the blonde colour after three to five applications.


3. Invest in a water filter in your shower

Invest in a water filter in your shower


Hard water is loaded with colour-stripping minerals such as magnesium, copper, and chlorine. Although the minerals are not harmful, they are notorious for wreaking havoc on your blonde locks every time you take a shower. To combat this, give your hair extra protection by investing in a water filter. Depending on the model, a shower head filter should be quite affordable and easy enough to install.

If you do a lot of travelling, include a bottle of spring water as part of your hair care regimen. After every shower, use the spring water to give your hair a final rinse, which will wash away the amount of minerals from the hard water.


4. Stop using hot water to rinse blonde hair

Stop using hot water to rinse blonde hair


Hot water can make your blonde hair fade by opening and exposing its cuticles. Cold water works the other way around, sealing the cuticles to preserve the colour and give your hair a unique shine. If possible, try to lower the water temperature in your shower by a notch. Taking a cool shower may not sound too comfortable (especially during winter), but your blonde hair will flourish if you use colder water during the conditioner rinse.


5. Use moisturizing conditioners on your blonde hair

Use moisturizing conditioners on your blonde hair


Hydrated hair is a good sign that you are sporting a healthy head of hair. It’s especially important to keep your colour-treated blonde hair hydrated. The hair lightening process may strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. As a result, you will want to replenish the blonde hair with a variety of hair masks and moisturizing conditioners.

The generous use of a nourishing hair conditioner is highly recommended. Do this treatment at least once a week, which restores the brightness, softness, and moisture to your hair. This simple remedy also strengthens your hair and prevents any further damages.


6. Guard your blonde hair against UV rays

Guard your blonde hair against UV rays


The sun’s UV rays are harmful, taking a toll on the colour of your unshielded blonde hair. Don’t fall for the myth that blonde hair naturally lightens with exposure to the sun. Every time you go outside, shield it by applying a protective hair spray. You should also make a habit of wearing a baseball cap or a sun hat.


7. Stop overheating your blonde hair

Stop overheating your blonde hair


Excessive heat is damaging to your hair. Whenever possible, avoid heat styling since it drastically shortens the lifespan of your blonde hair. Overreliance on curling wands, flat irons, blow dryers, and other heating appliances may harm your hair, especially if you don’t do proper prepping with heat styling sprays.

Unless you have very thick or coarse hair, you don’t have to rev up the heat to see results. Keep the blow dryer settings at a moderate level. During the heat styling, make sure your device is always on the move to prevent heat damage. You want to avoid concentrating the heat on a particular spot in your hair for too long.