7 Youthful Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

7 Youthful Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger


When you reach a certain age, you may be drawn to the hairstyles that give off a fun, youthful vibe. Your current hairstyle could have a mature and sophisticated flair, which is great for many occasions. However, there are also times when you want to transform your look, and a more youthful hairstyle will surely make a stunning impression.

Youthful hairstyles usually employ subtle techniques to refresh your appearance, such as framing your face in a flattering way. Some of these hairstyles are short and bold, while others appear longer and come across as more relaxed. Your favourite hair salon can make many recommendations on different hairstyles that make you look younger. These hairstyles are gorgeous, trendy, and appeal to women of all ages.

If you need some inspiration for a new haircut, check out seven of the best hairstyles to look younger:


1. Haircuts with bangs and layers

Haircuts with bangs and layers


Do you like your current hairstyle, but also want to introduce a more youthful energy into your look? Sometimes, the way you style your hair can make all the difference in its demeanour. If you don’t feel ready for a drastic transformation, adding bangs and layers can be a great way to revitalize your hairstyle.

Any hairstyles with bangs and layers can help to make you look younger. The layers will instantly add texture and movement to a haircut, giving you a more vibrant energy. As for bangs, they can frame your face and make it look petite, which will make you appear more youthful. Be sure to ask your hairstylist to find a cute hairstyle with bangs for you!


2. Hairstyles with highlights

Hairstyles with highlights


Highlights can be added to any hairstyles, instantly making you look younger. The highlights will brighten up your face and give your hair a fresh new makeover. For brunettes, you can style the brown hair with blonde highlights to rejuvenate your look. For blondes, you can also get similar highlights, but in a lighter shade of blonde than your base colour.

If your goal is to add some colour to your hair, you may want to choose a pastel tone or a more vibrant colour for your highlights. Both options are equally flattering, and they are great additions for hairstyles that make you look younger.


3. Short curly bob hairstyles

Short curly bob hairstyles


Short curly bob hairstyles are cute, chic, and just oozing with personality. This hairstyle is particularly great for accentuating your facial features. It brings out the best from your sparkling eyes and your million-dollar smile. A short curly bob works best when it has a decent amount of volume. For some extra perkiness, you may also want to dye your hair in a light, energizing colour.


4. Medium wavy hairstyles

Medium wavy hairstyles


If a bob seems too short for you, you may want to add some length and turn it into a lob instead. This medium-length hairstyle hangs just above your shoulders, making it easy to maintain and still versatile enough to style for different occasions. Layers can be easily added to give your hair some extra volume.

A neat trick is to introduce some soft waves into this shoulder length hairstyle. The waviness adds movement and texture to your hairstyle, giving off a more dynamic look that makes you appear younger.


5. Short tousled hair

Short tousled hair


The tousled hair look is intended to be just a little messy, which gives you a relaxed and youthful appearance. This stylishly dishevelled hairstyle works best at a short casual length. With this look, you show the world that you can smile, enjoy yourself, and have a great time even if your hair doesn’t look immaculately perfect. Plus, another benefit of tousled hair is that it will be a breeze to maintain!


6. Edgy pixie cuts

Edgy pixie cuts


Pixie cuts are one of the best hairstyles to look younger. Since your hair will be shorter on the sides and more voluminous on the top, it frames your face beautifully and soften the features for a youthful appearance.

Most pixie cuts are usually playful and whimsical, but there are many ways to present this versatile hairstyle. In recent years, an edgier version of the pixie cut has become quite popular in hair salons. This edgy pixie cut has volume on the top and in the back, while styled with a long side bang. It makes you look younger by highlighting your beautiful eyes and your strong cheekbones.


7. Hairstyles for grey hair

Hairstyles for grey hair


Finally, we wanted to include an option for women who decided to embrace the greyness in their hair. It’s true that hiding your white or grey hair will make you appear more youthful. However, there are also different options to style your grey hair in a chic, fashionable way. In fact, the grey hair colour unlocks many cool possibilities for youthful hairstyles that make you look younger.

For example, you can ask your hairstylist to dye the hair in a cool shade of blonde, or to add dark blonde undertones under your white hair. If your hair is mostly grey, you can dye it in a stunning silver colour, which looks very trendy when done professionally. Grey hair can also look more youthful when it’s slightly longer and layered. Ask your stylist for some soft face-framing layers that will complement your features.