8 Best Fall Hair Colour Ideas for Blondes

8 Best Fall Hair Colour Ideas for Blondes


With the falling leaves and the cooler weather dawning upon us, the autumn season has marked its wonderful arrival. The start of every new season can be an opportunity to try out different hair colour ideas. As a blonde, maybe you are interested in darkening your highlights by just a touch. Or perhaps you want to go a few shades lighter and keep up your spirits as a bright, bubbly blonde.

The blonde hair colour is known for its versatility. Whether you go for the richer hair tones or the brighter blonde hues, there are plenty of fall hair colour ideas that will match the seasonal ambiance. For more personalized recommendations, your hairstylist can suggest certain tones, shades, or highlights that suit your complexion the best. You will walk out of our hair salon with a gorgeous blonde hair colour this autumn!

Here are eight of the best fall hair colour ideas for blondes to spruce up your look:


Idea #1: Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde is a great hair colour idea for fall.


The honey blonde is a warm, radiant tone with a rich texture. The combination of sun-kissed blonde and gold tones will look fantastic alongside the backdrop of autumn. This colour adds a stunning sunny effect to your look, brightening up your entire appearance for the season.

If you want a more multidimensional look, ask your hairstylist to fix you up with the faded honey blonde look. The brown colour at the roots of your hair will fade seamlessly into the warm blonde, accentuating your balayage.


Idea #2: Toffee Blonde Hair

Toffee blonde is a popular colour idea for fall.


You can never go wrong with the golden toffee hair colour! It elegantly mixes different shades of rich-brown and dark-blonde to give you a super sophisticated look. In addition, your blonde hair achieves that sun-kissed effect, which is a current blonde hair trend in and out of season.

Getting this fall hair colour idea is easy. Ask your hairstylist to give you some highlights to create that striking glow. Add an extra touch by personalizing the highlights to match your skin tone. Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé are just some of the celebrities known to wear this look. The golden hair colour also allows your hair to grow in more naturally.


Idea #3: Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights can be a great idea for many women in the fall.


If you don’t want to go fully blonde during the fall, you can introduce dashes of the colour with stylish highlights. One chic combination is pairing blonde highlights with your brown hair colour. These highlights will reinvent your look as a brunette, adding an interesting visual detail to your hairstyle. The vibrant blonde highlights will complement various shades of brown, whether you have dark chocolate brown hair or lighter and softer brown hair.

This colour idea works well for those with very dark or light eyes, such as dark brown, gray, blue, or black. It is also compatible with a variety of skin tones, making the hair colour suitable for a wide spectrum of women.


Idea #4: Blonde Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights with blonde hair look beautiful in the autumn season.


If you are a Jennifer Aniston or Lauren Conrad fan, you will love this fall hair colour idea for blondes. Caramel blonde is undoubtedly the warmest and most charming reddish-blonde hair hue. It pairs especially well with green or blue eyes, bringing out their radiance.

You can add a few rich red streaks to make your final look exceptional. If you want to go even redder, you may like to try out the pumpkin spice blonde colour. Alternatively, you can pair the caramel blonde colour with a bouncy bob or messy curls for a fashionable look.


Idea #5: Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

A good fall hair colour idea is to match your blonde hair with darker roots.


Blonde hair with hints of dark roots come together to form a visually striking look. The darker roots add just the right amount of depth and gives your look that distinctive edge. This colour idea is great when you plan to transition from being a blonde in the summer to a brunette in the winter. Plus, there isn’t much maintenance involved, as you let your hair naturally change from blonde to brown.


Idea #6: Bronde Hair

Bronde is a beautiful shade that blends in blonde and brown colours together.


There’s a tendency to go for a darker shade of blonde during the fall season. If you are a blonde and want to go a shade darker, you will enjoy the look of the bronde hair colour. This is the perfect blend of blonde and brunette. It also comes in countless variations. If you want an ashy, bright look, go for the dust bronde or the neutral blonde balayage.


Idea #7: Blonde Ombre

A blonde ombre can be a lovely idea for the fall.


This subtle mix of brown and blonde forms the perfect ombre for the fall season. A rooty blonde ombre blends beautifully, creating a stylish dimensional effect. If you are a lover of nature and have a cool skin tone, you can also try the wheat blonde ombre, which exudes the feel of a field of grain.

Another fall colour idea is the icy ombre wave, which lets you keep a dark shade at the roots while making your hair seem thicker. It’s a low-maintenance option since you won’t need to colour your hair too often. This style works best at a moderate hair length, which retains the wavy texture and maintains healthy ends.


Idea #8: Balayage Blonde Hair

You will look stylish with balayage blonde hair in the fall.


Are you familiar with the balayage technique? Balayage is a popular highlighting method that introduces colour naturally into your hair. While blonde balayage looks terrific in every season, it is especially beautiful during the fall. Its warm natural hues complement the ambiance of your outdoor surroundings.

A soft and subtle blonde balayage can give your appearance an ethereal effect during the fall. You can also choose between the countless balayage options, with each style giving you a slightly different but similarly beautiful look.