8 Cool Balayage Ideas for Blondes

8 Cool Balayage Ideas for Blondes


Are you planning to go blonde this season? While some women are ready to go fully blonde, others prefer a subtle approach by getting blonde balayage highlights instead. Balayage describes a styling technique where the highlights blend into your hair, leaving out streaks of colour. This technique subtly introduces a different hue, so you’ll find strips of your original hair colour on the ends.

If you already have blonde hair and want to introduce highlights, a balayage can help you transition easily. You can also manage grown-out hair stylishly with this method. Depending on your skin tone, your hairstylist can tailor the balayage to suit your style. If you have a warm skin tone, consider strawberry blonde colours. For people with cooler skin tones, they should go with an icy blonde.

Whether you’re looking to blend grown-out hair or trying a new look, a balayage can transform your look aesthetically. Check out these eight cool balayage ideas for blondes at your next hair salon appointment.


Dark Blonde Balayage

Dark blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


The contrast between the black and golden highlights in this balayage creates a stunning dimension. You can use this style as a way to return to your roots without dying your entire hair. You can also take notes from celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, introducing darker tones to their naturally blonde hair with this hairstyle. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a dark blonde balayage.

Keep in mind this blonde balayage idea works best with long hair. Introduce some layers for texture and volume. This colour is famously low-maintenance, so you will only need to touch up at a hair salon every 12 to 20 weeks at most.


Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


Do you mistake this colour for red hair? You are not alone. Strawberry blonde balayage is a hybrid of reds and blonde hues. However, the colour range is diverse, so you can end up with a pink blend or brighter strawberry, depending on your style. Celebrities like Amy Adams, Blake Lively, and Rachel Adams are famous in the beauty industry for wearing this hue in different tones.

Hairstylists recommend leaving in strains of your natural hair colour unless you’re switching from a darker tone. Strawberry blonde balayage requires frequent touch-ups between six to eight weeks to preserve the highlights.


Caramel Blonde Balayage 

Caramel blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


Hairstylists create this look by introducing streaks of blonde bleach to darker hair, from brown to black. The technique creates a rich contrast between the golden blonde highlights and underlying dark tones. People with olive-toned skin often go for lighter highlights. You can also introduce red hues to this balayage if your skin tone lies on the warmer end of the spectrum.


Honey Blonde Balayage

Honey blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


This balayage idea blends brownish blonde hair with golden highlights. There’s no surprise that Beyoncé rocks this colour without fail. Unlike dark blonde balayage, this style works with different lengths and textures. You can restore life to your bob with some highlights and a curling wand.

Even if you have curly textures, you can still rock this colour. However, seek professional help in achieving a honey balayage to avoid having orange patches in your hair.


Ash Blonde Balayage 

Ash blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


An ash blonde balayage has traces of silver, brown, ash, and blonde. This light hair colour uses a hand-painting technique to create the highlights. It is perfect for women transitioning from dark hair to a lighter shade without an overwhelming colour change.

This blonde balayage idea suits people with different skin tones. You can add buttery highlights if you prefer reds and browns. Otherwise, opt for muted gray highlights if you would rather keep it cool. This style also protects your roots while creating a seamless colour blend.

With highlights of this colour, avoid heat styling. Your curling iron will fade out the dye quickly. Use conditioning treatments to keep the hair hydrated.


Platinum Blonde Balayage 

Platinum blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


Platinum is the brighter version of the ash balayage above. Think bright blondes without the yellow and orange tones. Many women embraced darker roots thanks to this hair colour. They also switch to this style as a way of embracing cooler tones without losing the warmth entirely.

If you’re not looking to wear your hair long, a blunt bob works well with a platinum blonde balayage. Unlike darker colours, platinum highlights require high maintenance. Use heat protectant conditioners and hair masks to prevent hair breakage.


Icy Blonde Balayage 

Icy blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


Unlike the platinum colour, icy blonde balayage is on the lighter spectrum. Think the palest shade of blonde you can imagine. Public figures like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga popularized this hair tone.

For some warmth, you can introduce semipermanent colours like lavender, blue, and other pastel tones. However, these shades won’t last long. Wash your hair with silver shampoo under cool water to preserve the colour.


Dirty Blonde Balayage 

Dirty blonde is one of the cool balayage ideas.


A dirty blonde balayage helps you switch to lighter hair colour with minimal damage. The balayage looks subtle, so your transition into a different shade of blonde won’t appear drastic. Beach waves work best with a dirty blonde balayage. However, remember to use purple shampoo to prevent your hair from going brassy.