8 Current Blonde Hair Trends for 2021

8 Current Blonde Hair Trends for 2020


Blonde hair has always looked beautiful and this classic hair colour will never go out of style. The current blonde hair trends change and evolve year after year, often inspired by our favourite celebrities. Many women, whether they are naturally blonde or simply thinking about going blonde, love staying up to date with the latest blonde hair trends.

If you want to get inspired by the current blonde hair trends, keep in mind there are many different shades of blonde. It’s important to choose a shade that complements well with your skin type. In general, women with pale and cool skin tones should choose delicate shades such as blonde or pearl blonde. Women with dark and warm skin tones should go for shades like golden blonde or caramel blonde.

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next visit to the hair salon? Here are eight of the current blonde hair trends for 2021, along with some tips to help you figure out which hairstyle suits you best.


1. Blonde balayage

Blonde balayage


Currently, balayage is one of the most popular blonde hair trends for women, especially for those interested in making subtle changes to their looks. With the balayage technique, your hairstylist will paint the preferred shade of blonde on your hair, resulting in highlights that look natural and subtle. It’s possible to add a touch of blonde to brown hair, or to dye your hair a dark shade of blonde and add a lighter shade with balayage.

Balayage is perfect for any skin type as it depends on which shade of blonde you choose. This hairstyle is ideal if you want to go blonde gradually, or you simply want to add some depth to your hair.


2. Blonde ombré

Blonde ombré


Ombré hair is usually darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. This technique is the perfect way to blend two colours or two tones of the same colour. For a blonde ombré look, you can keep your natural colour on your roots, and ask your hairstylist to gradually blend your natural colour with your preferred shade of blonde.

This shade of blonde is perfect for any skin type. This hairstyle is best suited if you want to add depth to your hair without the need to touch up your roots regularly.


3. Blonde lowlights

Blonde lowlights


Lowlights are the opposite of highlights. They are touches of a darker colour applied to darken blonde hair. Lowlights can frame your face in a flattering manner, or simply add some depth and texture to your blonde hair. A popular method is to add a darker shade of blonde to the light blonde hair. You can also add a few red, blue, or purple strands for a look that really stands out.

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to try a new look with your blonde hair, or if you are thinking about becoming a brunette and want to start the transition process slowly.


4. A honey blonde lob

Honey blonde lob


Lob haircuts are very popular and trendy right now. A lob, which combines the words “long” and “bob”, is essentially a long bob usually cut right above or right below the shoulders. When lob haircuts are dyed in a honey blonde colour, it creates a warm and elegant statement with your look.

This shade of blonde is perfect for medium or dark skin tones. It also matches dark eye colours very well. This hairstyle is best suited if you want a versatile blonde hairstyle that can look stylish in any setting.


5. A golden blonde angled bob

Golden blonde angled bob


The bob haircut is one of the current blonde hair trends gaining in popularity. A bob can be worn straight, or with elegant waves and curls. It can be layered, asymmetrical, graduated, or blunt. Any shade of blonde looks great on a bob, but we recommend a golden blonde angle bob for a simple and elegant combination.

This shade of blonde is perfect for light or medium warm skin tones. This hairstyle is best suited if you want a short low-maintenance haircut that will beautifully frame your features.


6. A messy platinum blonde pixie

Messy platinum blonde pixie


Pixie cuts come in all styles and lengths. They are loved by women who want to experiment with short hair in a quirky and stylish way. A messy pixie cut features longer uneven locks on top, which can be styled with curls or spikes. When you dye a messy pixie cut in platinum blonde, you can create a classic and stunning look.

This shade of blonde is perfect for light or medium cool skin tones. This hairstyle is bested suited for women who want a bold and practical haircut that matches your vibrant personality.


7. Layered silver blonde hair

Layered silver blonde hair


Silver blonde is a light grey colour that has a metallic finish. You can pair this hair colour with darker roots, either with highlights or lowlights. The different layers and shades will add some stunning dimension to your hairstyle, resulting in an elegant and original look.

This shade of blonde is perfect for light or medium cool skin tones. This hairstyle is best suited for women of any age, since a dash of silver, grey and white in your blonde hair can look wonderful on any woman.


8. Long rose gold blonde hair

Long rose gold blonde hair


Rose gold blonde hair has been a popular hair trend for quite some time. Rose gold is a perfect blend of pink and peach, which looks stunning on most women. This hairstyle is best suited if you want to give your hair some vitality with a dreamy rose gold tint. For an even more dramatic look, you can add some curls or waves to your long hair.

This shade of blonde is perfect for any skin type. If you have a cool skin tone, you can ask your hairstylist to add more pink to your hair. If you have a warm skin tone, more peach should be added.