8 Good Hairstyles for Sports and Exercise

8 Good Hairstyles for Sports and Exercise


Sports, fitness, and exercise are essential to our health, often a part of our regular routines. However, the combination of sweat and activity can often wreak havoc on our hair. Long hair might stick to our faces, block our vision, and cause annoyance as we work out. Whether hopping on the treadmill or playing on the tennis court, how we wear our hairstyles is a crucial consideration.

Before hitting the gym, many women use ponytail elastics as an elegant solution to keep their hair under control. Besides the ponytail, there are plenty of good hairstyles for sports and exercise. These practical options will neatly tuck your hair away during a workout session. Best of all, you can still look chic and fashionable with these cute hairstyles for exercising.

Our hair salon can recommend numerous stylish looks that complement your active lifestyle. Here are the eight best hairstyles for sports and exercise:


Hairstyle #1: Ponytail

A ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for sports.


A classic ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for sports because of its simplicity. It’s practical, looks chic, and keeps your hair tied back as you perform exercises. A ponytail is also versatile. You can choose to wear it high on your head or lower at the nape of your neck.

Making a ponytail is a straightforward process. Start by brushing your hair back away from your face. Next, secure tightly with an elastic. Give your head a quick dose of hairspray to tame any flyaway hair, and you are ready to go!


Hairstyle #2: Bun

A bun is one of the good hairstyles for sports.


There is a good reason why many dancers wear their hair tightly wrapped up in a bun. A bun keeps the hair out of the way while they dance. This hairstyle also looks classy and elegant, adding a touch of sophisticated flair to any workout ensemble.

Wearing your hair in a bun will keep it out of the way as you dance or exercise. You can either wear a classic bun or one of its stylish variations. The braided bun is a popular choice. Braid your hair first and then tightly wind it into a bun. Use extra bobby pins and a squirt of hairspray to secure it.


Hairstyle #3: Messy Top Knot

A messy top knot is one of the best exercise hairstyles.


The messy top knot is a stylish twist on the classic bun. This cute hairstyle is simple to create and looks great on everyone. The top knot is an excellent go-to hairstyle for a casual day at the gym.

Make the messy top knot by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Then, secure it with an elastic. Divide your hair into two separate sections before tying them in a knot. Take all loose ends and secure them underneath your bun with bobby pins or elastics.


Hairstyle #4: Space Buns

Hairstyle #4 - Space Buns


Who says you can’t have a bit of fun and playfulness with your exercise hairstyles? Space buns look cute and energetic with a youthful vibe. While the buns have a quirky appearance, this option is practical and keeps hair out of the way during exercises.

Part your hair straight down the centre to create this fun and simple look. Make two pigtails on either side of your head, producing two tightly wound buns. Finish by securing any loose ends with bobby pins.


Hairstyle #5: Long Braid

There are many good braided hairstyles for sports.


Alternatively, many women choose braided hairstyles for sports. A braid is a glamorous option if you want a cute hairstyle for exercising. You tie up your long hair in a beautiful single braid, which drapes stylishly by your shoulder.

Assembling a long braid can be elaborate and may take more time than the other exercise hairstyles on this list. However, the results are stunning. You will enjoy a fashionable and versatile look that can be worn in or out of the gym.


Hairstyle #6: Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the best exercise hairstyles.


Braiding your hair into cornrows is a commitment. While it can take a long time to complete this hairstyle, you can wear the cornrows for an extended period. They will eliminate the hassles your long hair can cause, and you’ll never have to worry about them getting in your way. Cornrows can be ideal if you play sports regularly or lead a very active lifestyle.


Hairstyle #7: Short Hair

Short hair will offer you many cute hairstyles for exercising.


Are you ready for a haircut? If so, switching to a short hairstyle will complement women who love sports and exercise. You may choose to keep the hair at shoulder length to get used to your new look initially. Afterwards, you can go even shorter with numerous stylish options.

A pixie cut is one of the best exercise hairstyles. It is cute and easy to maintain, requiring minimal styling. Best of all, its short length means you won’t have to worry about hair strands obstructing your view.


Hairstyle #8: Hair Accessories

Hair accessories will complement many good hairstyles for sports.


Whether running out the door or around the basketball court, a hat can be a girl’s best friend. Simply throw one on, and you can keep the sun out of your eyes and your hair tucked back. Similarly, accessories like bandanas or headbands are ideal for keeping hair out of your eyes and face.

These hair accessories are available in different sizes and colours. Not only are they functional, but the headwear looks stylish as well. You can colour-coordinate the hats, bandanas, and headbands to match your workout attire.