9 Best Ideas for Brown Hair with Highlights

9 Best Ideas for Brown Hair with Highlights


Brown hair and highlights are often paired together to create a chic, stylish aesthetic. Whether you have dark brown hair or a slightly lighter shade, these gorgeous highlights will look flattering for a variety of brunettes. The versatility of highlights is one of their best features. Brown hair with highlights can complement different skin tones, face shapes and eye colours, making this a popular choice among many women.

If you are ready to give highlights a try, take a moment to decide which colour you want to add to your hair. There are many options available, from lighter shades to darker hues, all of which convey a different sense of style with your overall look. Your hairstylist can also offer recommendations in picking out highlights that best suit your hair colour, your complexion, and your personal taste.

When you schedule an appointment at your favourite hair salon, try out these nine popular ideas for brown hair with highlights:


1. Dark brown hair with blonde highlights

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights


Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is easily one of the most popular choices for many women. This is simply a gorgeous colour combination that will mesh well with almost any brunette. When you choose the right shade of blonde to complement your natural brown hair, you can achieve a beautiful look that will never go out of fashion.

For women who want to try going blonde, getting blonde highlights can be a great first step. The highlights allow you to see if the blonde colour suits your skin tone and personal style. Ash blonde highlights are usually the favourite go-to option in hair salons, but pretty much any shade of blonde can match with dark brown hair.


2. Light brown hair with blonde highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights


If your brown hair is on the lighter side, you can go for blonde highlights with a more delicate and feminine touch. Since blonde highlights can be overpowering sometimes, you may want to pick a softer shade that will blend seamlessly with your hair colour. The subtle blonde highlights on brown hair will create a pleasant and attractive look that is soothing on the eyes.


3. Blonde ombre highlights on brown hair

Blonde ombre highlights on brown hair


Ombre describes a gradual lightening of the hair, from dark roots to a lighter colour. This cool visual effect can also be applied to your highlights. Blonde ombre highlights appear striking in combination with light brown hair, dark brown hair, and any shade in between. This is an excellent choice for brunettes who want a more prominent shade of blonde displayed in their highlights.

Depending on what kind of look you want, the transition between the two colours can be quick and dramatic, or perfectly blended. As a styling option, try adding some curls to your hair. This will give the hair some dynamic texture and movement, making your blonde ombre highlights stand out even more.


4. Short brown hair with highlights

Short brown hair with highlights


You don’t need to have long flowing locks to showcase your highlights. There are many options for short brown hair with highlights, whether it’s a cute bob or an energetic pixie cut. Short brown hair with highlights, no matter which colours you choose, will look bold and sassy. Some popular choices include a brown angled bob mixed with golden blonde, or a brown pixie cut with blonde highlights.


5. Cinnamon brown hair with caramel highlights

Cinnamon brown hair with caramel highlights


A rich caramel colour blends very well with brown hair. With its warm and radiant tones, this colour combination reminds us of a decadent chocolate and caramel dessert! These highlights can achieve a natural yet multi-dimensional look. They look especially wonderful on cinnamon brown hair, but also work well with darker and lighter brown hair as well.


6. Chestnut brown hair with cinnamon highlights

Chestnut brown hair with cinnamon highlights


Cinnamon highlights are another delicious flavour that will look gorgeous on brown hair. The chic and cozy style brings out the best from a brunette’s features. This is a very natural colour combination, so it would be a suitable option if you don’t want to make a bold statement with your new hairstyle. If you are deciding between caramel and cinnamon highlights, ask your stylist to recommend the best colour for your shade of brown.


7. Brown hair with mahogany highlights

Brown hair with mahogany highlights


Mahogany is a reddish-brown tone inspired by the mahogany wood. This is an eye-catching colour that blends beautifully with dark shades of brown. If you are looking to add some dimension to your hair, let yourself be seduced by brown hair with mahogany highlights. You will enjoy a confidence boost from the powerful colours in your highlights.


8. Brown hair with copper highlights

Brown hair with copper highlights


Copper is another reddish-brown colour used for highlights. This colour has a faint tinge of orange, just like a shiny, copper penny. If you have already thought about trying a red hairstyle, brown hair with copper highlights could be a good start to your transformation. By adding some light colour to your locks, these copper highlights could help you feel fierce, confident, and sexy.


9. Sun kissed caramel highlights on brown hair

Sun kissed caramel highlights on brown hair


Soft sun kissed highlights can look natural and flattering on any shade of brown. Who doesn’t want to look like they just stepped off a tropical beach? For this look, the stylist will blend your natural colour with a warm blonde that frames your face in a beautiful way. If you’re on the hunt for a more relaxed look during spring and summer, these vibrant highlights are sure to transform your appearance.