9 Cute Hairstyles to Wear with a Hat

9 Cute Hairstyles to Wear with a Hat


Hats are fabulous accessories that can match your fashionable wardrobe and accentuate a beautiful hairstyle. In addition to being stylish, the headwear is also functional. Hats keep the sunlight out of your eyes and protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Additionally, they hold your hair in place and prevent strands from falling over your face.

There are many unique hats to express your personality, including beanies, berets, or classic baseball caps. After choosing your accessory, you should also consider the cute hairstyles to wear with the hat. Often, your hair takes on a pretty different appearance once you put on the headwear. Some hats and hairstyles don’t go well together, clashing aesthetically. It requires thought and a creative flair to pair your gorgeous hair with the perfect accessory.

Our Toronto hair salon has curated a list of the best hairstyles that go stylishly with hats. Here are nine cute hairstyles to wear with a hat:


1. Long straight hairstyles

Long straight hair is one of the best hairstyles to wear with a hat.


Long and straight hair creates a striking fashion statement when you pair it with a hat. Regardless of your accessory, you’ll look powerful and elegant with the long straight hair hanging over your shoulders. Best of all, this hairstyle is pretty simple to assemble. Run a hot iron through your locks to create a super straight look. Afterwards, style your hair with a chic hat, like baseball caps, fedoras, or beanies.


2. Cute curly hairstyles

Curls make cute hairstyles with a hat.


Luscious curls make cute hairstyles with a hat. When you pair long curly hair with a casual hat, this effortless style enhances your vibrant personality. You can use a flat iron or curling iron to achieve long and loose curls. Then, match the hairstyle with a fedora or Panama hat. This look is perfect for a jolly afternoon at the mall or a fun date night.


3. Long wavy hairstyles

Long wavy hair make cute hat hairstyles.


Beachy waves are one of the best hairstyles to wear with a hat. The long wavy hair looks casual, playful, and flirty. This hairstyle matches exceptionally well with any summer wardrobe. Slip into a swimsuit, place a floppy sun hat on top, and your wavy hair will complete this delightful wardrobe.


4. Straight fringe hairstyles

Straight fringe hairstyles are the best baseball hat hairstyles.


Do you have bangs? If so, you don’t have to hide them away while wearing a hat. Show them off proudly! Hats and fringe hairstyles create a magnificent combo. After styling the hair straight, wear your hat tipped slightly backward to highlight your face-framing fringe. This look is chic and classy, especially when paired with a fashionable hat.


5. Cute braid hairstyles

Cute braids make the best baseball hat hairstyles.


If your hair is long, tying it into a braid is a gorgeous hairstyle that looks even better with a hat. You can wear a centred braid or place it to the side and over the shoulder. Either way, a hat will complement this look perfectly. There are many braid hairstyles, ranging from sleek and smooth to messy and loose. The fishtail braid is one of the most popular options, which matches different types of hats.


6. Pigtail braid hairstyles

Pigtail braids are excellent hairstyles to wear with a hat.


Pigtail braids are cute hat hairstyles, particularly for young women with brunette or blonde hair. Part your hair straight down the back and create two even braids on either side of your head. These delicate braids look sweet, youthful, and feminine. They go beautifully with a cowboy hat, a trucker hat, or even a slouchy toque.


7. High ponytail hairstyles

A high ponytail is one of the cute hairstyles with a hat.


A high ponytail is one of the best baseball hat hairstyles. It’s a fun, sporty look suitable for the gym, keeping the hair away from your face and neck. First, tie up your hair in a high ponytail and secure it tightly with an elastic band. Ensure you tuck all the strands tightly and neatly. Then, use another elastic to tie the bottom. Finish by feeding your braid through the back of a baseball cap.


8. Low ponytail hairstyles

A low ponytail is one of the cute hat hairstyles.


A low ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear with a hat. This look goes great with any hat, making it easy to appear fabulous no matter which accessory you pick. To create this look, brush your hair and tie it back at the neck with an elastic or scrunchie. You can wear your ponytail either centred or off to one side. After securing the hair, place your hat on top and tuck in any loose ends.


9. Cute bun hairstyles

A bun is one of the best hairstyles to wear with a hat for work.


A bun is one of the best hairstyles to wear with a hat for work. The bun keeps your hair back and looks classy with any headwear choice. You can create a messy bun for a casual style or a sleek twist for something more sophisticated. Start by pulling your hair back before twisting it into a bun. Place the bun high on the back of your head and pop it through the back of a cap. Secure any loose ends with a bobby pin to tidy up your appearance.