How to Add Volume and Thickness to Fine, Thin Hair?

How to Add Volume and Thickness to Fine, Thin Hair?

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Everyone needs a little bit of boost in life, specially with this grey and cold days ahead of us it can be a bit demotivating to get the best ‘doo for your hair every morning.

But not too worry, with the help of the right hair care, even who as fine thin hair, or simply whom is in need of a bit more volume, there are great solutions out there for all kind of wallets.


1) Enhance Your Scalp Blood Circulation

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Stimulating your scalp for a better blood circulation it can be very beneficial for your hair to get stronger and healthier. Activate the circulation and flow of blow to plump up your thin hair with rubbing and gently massaging the scalp in circular motion 5 minutes before your shampoo starts.


2) Review Your Diet

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One of the main factor that influences good health and contributes to stronger thicker hair comes from the vitamins and proteins of the food we eat daily.

If you have been missing on your greens, like spinach, this is the time to start including them in your diet again, to energize your body and boost vitamins action in your hair fiber!

What to eat? Omega-3 fatty acids! Salmon is perfect for you. We are trying a new salmon morning routine that not only protects us from viruses making our body stronger, but contributes to hair grow, makes it fuller and shinier.

Try it on delicious organic crackers with your coffee in the morning for a boost of energy and good mood. Smoked or bbq doesn’t matter, you will love it!

Greek yogurt also is full of Vitamin B5 which makes it the perfect to fight thinning hair and hair loss.


3) Erase Product Build Up

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To include at least once a week in your hair care regime if you are a styling haircare product users (like hairspray, mousses, gels…) exfoliate your scalp not only eliminates product build up that makes your natural volume reappear, but will enabling your hair from receiving all the active ingredients from your precious professional shampoos and conditioners.


4) Use the Right Haircare Regime

kerastase volumifique for volume in your hair how to

Shampoo and Conditioners play an important role in setting up the right hair volume routine. Which one give the best results?

Best Shampoos for Hair Volume:


kerastase resistence bain volumifique kerastase salon toronto volumising shampoo hair toronto


Helps transform fine, thin and vulnerable hair right from the root, fortifying them at the same time.

Holds volume longer leaving the hair shiny.





Free of sulphates and parabens, nourishes the hair follicle, thickens and add softness to the hair.

With Ginger roots and Nettle Extracts to densify while protecting and strengthen the hair.


Best Conditioners for Hair Volume:



how to get volume for fine and thin hair salon toronto

Volumique by Kerastase is the first conditioner that comes in a transparent gel and helps boost lightness in your hair to create feather-light volume.

With advanced Ampliflex technology for amplifying effect in contact with water.




A thickening conditioner that protects and strengthen the hair fiber rich in Oleaonic Acid to nourish and restore.

Hydrates and maintains hair in grow phase.



5) Get a Haircut with Layers

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Layering your hair is a great wait to get volume. Short layers with add lift and bounce to your hair. The appearance of your hair will be thicker and with more added texture.


6) Use Styling products

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Adding a volumising mousse pre blow-dry is a great way to get that extra kick your hair needs to be more voluminous from your roots.

how to get the most hair volume fine hair blonde hair salon toronto mousse

While blow-drying, flip your head upside down and use a round bristle brush, then back up and blow-dry in the direction of the the brush for extra bounce.




7) Tease-me baby!

how to add volume back combing hair toronto hair salon

Who doesn’t like a little bit of teasing? So do your hair! Use a teasing brush for mega volume, yaaas baby!

Use it to back comb the hair towards the roots, use a strong or extra-strong hold hairspray for support and hold.


8) Clip It!


As seen backstage on runway fashion shows, after blow-drying your hair, immediately clip each section leaving the ends hanging out for about one hour, for a long-lasting volume, runway proof.

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