Best Balayage Toronto A Statement of who you are

Luxury brands along with their marketing strategists, bombard us every day with messages, images and stories that tell us how good we will feel, how strong we will be and how to conquer our confidence with the help of an upscale product.

When it comes down to tell our own story, we don’t have to be a marketing strategist to send the message.

Your hair can actually say a lot about you, the colour, the haircut the style can do all the talking about who you are and where you want to go in life.

Balayage, a word that literally means “sweeping” in French, is a technique born in a small salon in Paris during the 70’s.

Was initially called “Balayage a coton”, when cotton strips were being used to separate strains of hair coloured from the ones untouched.

Balayage nowadays it has been diffusely used by movie stars, singers and tv hosts and it is now a widespread phenomena.

sarah jessica parker balayage toronto

Sarah Jessica Parker – AP photo Chris Pizzello

People who get Balayage highlights applied to their locks evoke a sophisticated, elegant and classy personality by simply flaunting their hair to the cameras.

It is a subtle change if you have dark or light brown hair, and it makes your hair look like it was naturally lightened by the sun.

It is not a dramatic colour change if you are afraid of changes and at the same time it gives you a totally revamped and edgy look, that can boost your confidence in your day-to-day life.

The maintenance is also quite low-key, a colour refresh can be done in 8 or more weeks, depending if you are using the right professional hair care products (Sulfate-Free shampoo, Purple Conditioner etc…). This give you plenty of time to not worry about your hair and focus more on your goals in life.

When you start seeing a little brassiness appearing on your locks, you might just have to book in a quick 15-30 minutes toner application to get rid of it and refresh the whole look.