Balayage or Highlights

What is the best choice for you?

In the past few years we have seen lots of new hair trends coming and going in Toronto, from Ombre hair to Rainbow hair, evergreen highlights and finally, the dominant and most popular and acclaimed, Balayage.

balayage toronto what is it and how is it done hair trends

Why would you chose balayage over highlights or viceversa? What are the differences?

Is it a pure “trend-thing” and which one fits better your lifestyle?

Which one needs more pampering and is more high maintenance?


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The first questions you should ask yourself is: What kind of work environment am I in? A more conservative and professional one or it’s more lay down, relaxed and also a bit fun?

How many times I want to go to the salon for touch ups and maintenance? Do I have time every 6 to 9 weeks (depending on your hair grow) to re-do my highlights?

Do I like the blonde look? Or I can go for brunette with sun kissed hair?


Highlights – Who are for?

If your dream is to be blonde – without being bleach blonde, with a more professional, consistent pattern and sharp look and have the time for a 2 hours salon visits every 9 weeks, can spend a little extra on some good products (good ones with concentrated ingredients require less amount of products and can last easily 6 months) then your choice should definitely be Highlights hair.

beautiful highlights toronto hair salon tony shamas hair laser downtown


Partial head of highlights is done with foils and the lightener processes better and faster than free hand painting like with balayage.

It gives you a full blonde look – you can tweak more or less blonde choosing between partial or full head of highlights – and surely it gives you a fierce and determined look: you know what you want and how to ask for it.


What home care regime to use for highlights?

Rule number one, when doing highlights or any type of lightening to your hair – including Balayage – ask your stylist to use OLAPLEX .

This two steps treatment will not only protect and save your hair from breakage, but also make then feel nice, soft and shiny.

olaplex toronto for balayage and highlights hair salon toronto tony shamas hair and laser

Depending on the level of erosion of your hair you may or may not need Olaplex Step n.3 to take home.


High-end, highly concentrated luxury hair products for highlights:

highlights hair products toronto for highlights hair and balayage tony shamas hair and laser kerastase

A good selection of a conditioner, shampoo and hair masque that will promise to nourish and repair over processed hair and maintain them healthy and nice. Highly concentrated ingredients will revitalize and renew the quality of the hair fiber bringing your hair back to life after any chemical services. 


High-end, highly concentrated, haircare products for highlights – a more natural alternative



In combination with a good detangler like UNTANGLED and a hair masque like ANGEL.MASQUE Kevin Murphy’s products will make sure that your hair is treated right, with natural ingredients and scented with flowers coming from Australia.


Balayage – Who is it for?

balayage photo from tony shamas hair laser toronto salon highlights or balayage find out

Either you are a fan or not of the Kardashians, you certainly have seen Khloe and sisters going crazy balayaging their hair in a different way every new season and making everybody chasing their signature sun-kissed hair look.

Balayage is a french word that literally means to sweep. Perfect for sun-kissed, natural hair: just like nature gave us when we were kids.

beautiful balayage highlights on blonde girl hair salon toronto tony shamas hair laser

Balayage on LifeStyle Blogger Dyan Perry from Generation YYZ


The maintenance for this type of technique is very little and it grows out naturally so no regrowth lines and you can come in literally only a couple of times a year to the salon. You can just come in for toners to refresh the colour every now and then. For a painless quick-fix.

It is the perfect choice for who doesn’t want to lighten completely their hair, likes new trends, doesn’t want to come every two months in salon to touch up the roots.

Also, if you are still going to school or your job is less conservative, you can play with colours and add some funky “sweep” to your balayage.

pink balayage toronto hair salon tony shamas hair laser downtown balayage highlights



What home care regime to use for balayage?

As per highlights hair, OLAPLEX is highly recommended  when in-salon for any chemical services, specially the ones that lighten the hair. It requires only a little bit more of economic and time effort but it is well worth: it will save your hair from damage and breaking.

High-end, highly concentrated luxury hair products for highlights:

kerastase products for balayage toronto hair salon tony shamas hair laser downtown

A selection of shampoo, conditioner and hair masque that will restructure, reinforce and refinish weakened hair after a balayage service. 


Fantastically scented, high-end, highly concentrated, haircare products for balayage. Sulfate-free, a more natural alternative

balayage products repair restore kevin murphy toronto hair salon tony shamas hair and laser downtown


Shampoo, conditioner and repairing cleansing treatment with superfood proteins to naturally bind moisture to reconstruct damaged hair. Paraben-free, sulphate-free.

In combination with a great detangler like STAYING.ALIVE makes the perfect combo to treat and protect hair that just went through some balayage service.


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