Balayage: what is it and how is it done? Hair Trends

Balayage: what is it and how is it done? Hair Trends Toronto.

balayage toronto what is it and how is it done hair trends

Balayage is the new trend that will enhance your hair and make them feel nice, shiny and trendy! If you have previously tried ombre, which was on the hip a couple of years back, you will like even better your hair with balayage.

Balayage: what is it?

It is a new technique to lighten the hair: with this process you can obtain similar results to what the sun does to the hair in the summer.

Balayage promises to give natural sun kissed effects, despite the darker base colour. It is a permanent coloration that gives lights and vibrant hues to the hair making it look natural ripple thanks to the light spots placements.

Balayage: how is it done?

The answer is, never do it alone at home. A professional will know colours, toners, how many volume to lift with the developer, timing and also placements of the lighter spots.

In the Balayage technique it is expected to only  lighten the ends and to choose the right tone that blends with your already existent colour. If you are dark brown, don’t expect them to be platinum on the first salon visit.

Always remember, most of the balayage pictures that you find on Google are made in the U.S. where professionals can use until up to 120 Volume developer. In Canada by LAW it is allowed only until up to 40 Volume. So if you don’t want to ruin your hair and in just one salon visit, became platinum or white, or grey it will be necessary to come in another time or more, to ensure that you hair stays healthy and that you achieve the right results. The use of Olaplex in these cases, it is if not mandatory, highly recommended.

Balayage and Shatush, what is the difference?

Two techniques with the same propose: to lighten the hair, trying to achieve a natural summery sun kissed effect, but there are a few differences of course.

Shatush only provides a phase of bleaching with the lightener, as oppose to the balayage that, after the first process, most likely a toner will have to be applied to make the effect look more natural and blended.


How often does the balayage needs to be re-done or touched up?

Unless you are trying to go really light and your base colour is dark, you won’t need to come to the salon for balayage reasons more than 3 times a year, permanent coloration have a long lasting effect.

You could come every now and then even just for a toner just to tone if back to it’s original flare and glam like your first salon visit. Balayage it is done usually on a darker colour base, so you won’t have a visible “balayage regrowth” just if your greys are kicking in or if you’ve changed your base colour previously.


Balayage and short hair, is it possible?

Mistakenly commons thinking has it that balayage is only a technique for who has longer hair, but it is not.

Balayage can be done on short hair with beautiful effects. If the haircut is done previously it can be even better, the placement of the lighter areas will be more precise.


What to do to book a Balayage at our location in Downtown Toronto?

Call 416.941.9915 and let the receptionist know you would like to get a balayage done, mention always if you will need just a blow-out or will want a trim or a haircut as well, or if you won’t need and blow-out or haircut at all after the process. So we can book you accordingly. If a blow-dry is not needed your hair will be washed and rough dried and a portion of your hair will be blow-dried to see the results of the balayage .


How much does Balayage it cost?

When booking, always keep in mind the cost of:

Balayage $110 to $120+tax depending on which stylist you will be assigned or you’ve chosen, possible use of Toner ($25+tax), Blow-Out ($20 to $40) depending on which stylist you’ve chosen.

Extra colour tubes, toners will be charged from $5 to $10 /each (Usually not needed if you hair is shorter).

Extra treatments and OLAPLAEX ($35+tax) will be discussed with you and stylist if your hair needs it.

Usually the price range is around $200’s+tax, less or more depending on stylist and if OLAPLEX is used. (In certain cases it is necessary to use Olaplex is the state of your hair is really damaged and in need of TLC).

If you want to change your sase colour or wants to cover up the roots calculate extra $60+tax, and please let the person on the phone know you’ll be needing a colour process as well.

When booking online always choose:

Balayage, the haircut or blow-dry if needed after (toners will be added if needed and discussed with you).


You can always look for inspirations on the balayages that we have previously done in salon, on our Instagram page at: @tony_shamas or on our Facebook page.


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