We love blondes highlighted hair and we are sure you do too.

Specially right after stepping out of the salon and walking proudly on the streets of Toronto with your new shiny bouncy foliage.

A tiny bit of OLAPLEX added to the lightener and a few spritzes of the always amazing protein-concentrated FUSIO-DOSE in salon treatment by Kérastase.

But what to do to maintain the shine and brightness of the colour preventing it to fade and make it last longer as much as possible?

How to take care of blonde highlighted hair after been over processed by lightener, bleach and exposed to dry and humid weather changes conditions?

serum therapiste kerastase Toronto very dry ends blondes highlights health hair fiber care toronto salon over processed blondes highlights


Let’s see together what are the best shampoo, conditioners, masques and home care rituals available at our location in downtown Toronto to maintain the best blonde in your hair for the longest time, without renouncing at taking care of the health of the hair fiber.

Step 1 – Exfoliation



Yes, you’ve read correctly, exfoliation.

As per your skin, it is very important to exfoliate your scalp and hair fiber before applying any cleansing or conditioning products to your hair.

Thanks to the advanced researches from the laboratories of Recherche avancée L’Oréal, they came to find out that to maximize the efficacy of your shampoo ingredients and conditioners hydrating agents it is always recommended to exfoliate your hair at least once or twice a week before starting any other cleansing process on your hair.

exfoliating hair scalp and hair fiber for blondes highlights hair toronto

The recommended product for this purpose is the new Soing Gommage Renovateur Chronologist by Kérastase.

To be applied before the cleanser, it tones, detoxifies, purifies and cleans the scalp and hair fiber.

While applying the gommage, give yourself a stimulating massage that will help activate microcirculation to boost shampoo efficacy.

It is perfect for blonde, fine and fragile, over processed highlighted hair.

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Step 2 – Shampoo and Cleanse Ritual


for Weakened and Damaged Hair

 bain de force shampoo kerastase toronto for blondes highlighted hair highlights best salon toronto tony shamas weak or damaged hair

If your hair is partially blonde highlighted of fully blonde highlighted but with no great damage or over processed by the lightener or it is but you have very fine hair, this shampoo will become your new very best friend.

This amazing shampoo it’s the best option for reconstructing and resurfacing blonde highlighted weakened and damaged or fine hair.

Each hair fiber is revitalized and reconstructed thanks to the Resurrection Serum + Vita-Ciment. It is ideal for brittle hair and split ends, and will make your hair feel soft, silky, smooth and look shiny.

Hair will be firm to the touch and easy manageable, with a nice and delicate scent and hydrated.


Step 2 – Shampoo and Cleanse Ritual


for Very Damaged and Over-Processed Hair

best blonde highlights bleach damaged hair salon toronto kerastase bain therapiste toronto

Ideal for bleach blonde hair or fully highlights blonde looks. Thick, medium or fine hair, Bain Therapist from the Kérastase Resistance line it’s the right option for you.

Highly charged with cationic polymers to boost repair power. Its unprecedented texture and the sensation of a semi-solid gel, surrounds the fiber to reduce friction during washing.

KAPs account for 50% to 60% of hair's structure. /react-text 
react-text: 42 Thérapiste range was designed to stimulate the regeneration of these KAPs, an exclusive technology of Kérastase

During your cleanse ritual, encloses the hair fiber and reduces friction to leave the hair revitalized and shiny.

It is recommended to rub it in your hands and emulsify before applying to wet hair, starting from the ends first and then to the lengths and roots.

Contains 6 amino acids and 1 wheat protein to restore uniformity and smoothness.

The amino-acids will attach onto the damaged areas of your hair and work deeply to dispel damage.


Step 3 – Condition


for weakened and damaged hair



Amazing for your partially highlighted or fully highlighted fine hair, or medium and thick weakened hair.

This is the ideal treatment of choice to reinforce and refinish damaged lengths and ends.

It is capable of repairing both the hair fibre’s internal structure and its outer defensive layer. Enriched with Sève de Resurrection to bring even more focus on hair damage.

Leaves the hair smooth, shiny, silky and more resistant with an “anti-breakage effect”. Damage is restore and hair fibre left firm, revitalized and reconstructed.

It can be used daily on washed and towel-dried hair. After application, leave on for 2 minutes, emulsify and rinse out completely.


Step 3 – Condition or Pre-Step 2


for Damaged and Over-Processed Hair

SOIN PREMIER THÉRAPISTE best blondes conditioner highlighted hair Toronto Tony Shamas Salon

So far our favourite conditioner. Great for blondes highlighted hair that have been over processed, or if you are a proud bleach blonde.

The new technology developed with this state-of-the-art conditioner allows it to be used BEFORE shampooing or your cleansing ritual.

Cutting-edge component in the Thérapiste range is the resurrection plant.
It is a miracle of nature, which can come back to life after undergoing a near death state.

resurrection plant close up for damaged hair blonde highlighted hair bleach blonde hair salon

This plant is usually used in skin care products to help regenerate and revitalize collagen and skin cells for anti aging purposes which makes it perfect to use on your damaged hair strains.

It’s great to be used on fine or very fine hair: applying it before shampoo will be perfect to avoid having your hair weighed down.

It was strategically created to bind the hair like a protective gauze, it works countercurrent to release softness in the hair fiber so that is protected during the washing ritual.

Used prior washing, with shampoo Bain Therapiste, will leave your hair soft, bouncy forgetting about fly-aways even if your hair is ultra-thin and you will be able to run your fingers through your wet hair without detangling.

Only a small amount of product is necessary since its highly concentrated and will make your hair shiny and change their texture in just a couple of weeks of use.

If you are looking to restore and get silky hair with heavenly smell, look no further, this is your choice of conditioner.

Highly recommended also for women with partial highlights and whom colour their hair roots every 2-4 weeks.

Reviews from the web:

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Step 4 – Treat


RESTORE for Medium, Damaged Hair  RECOVER for Thick, Over-Stressed Hair

l'oreal professionnel masques pro fiber Toronto

Great to use once or twice a week depending on the level of damage in your hair, the PRO FIBER masques from L’Oreal Professionnel are amazing thanks to the APTYL-100 new technology.

Positively charged micro-particles will be attracted to the negative charged damaged hair strands to work the hair fiber from the inside out restoring and wiping out damage even after 24 hours of application.

The RESTORE (teal blue one) is ideal for Medium to Thick hair with a level of damage 2-3 on a scale 1 to 4.

If you have fine hair, and your hair feels weak or the level of damage is 1-2 on a scale 1 to 4 the RECTIFY masque (red colour) will be your option instead.

For thicker, very damaged or over-processed hair by lightener or bleaching, the RECOVER masque (purple colour) will be your to-go-to best hair product.


Step 4 – Treat


for thick, damaged and over-processed hair


If you were looking for a new best friend you’ve just found it. It’s the new Masque Therapiste that will transform your hair after each use.

Stick your finger all the way down in the jar vertically, take it out and with the palm of your other hand wipe away the nice cream stuck to your finger: that’s all you need for your hair! No waste here.

masque therapiste best hair care for blonde highlighted thick over-processed hair damaged bleach blonde hair salon Toronto

With a velvety texture, rich, reconstructive and repairing properties to restore the hair fiber.

With a rich buttery texture offers a comfort sensation to thick hair, working to their very core, leaving each strand vibrant, regain strength and elasticity.

A newly formulated technology FIBRA-KAPTM to compensate for missing KAP (Keratin Associated Proteins) to reactivate their synthesis.

KAPs on virgin and damaged hair best blonde highlights Toronto bleach blonde kerastase salon Tony Shamas

6 amino-acids capable of attract themselves to damaged hair.

1 Wheat protein for smoothness and restore uniformity.

kaps knowledge kerastase best hair care for blonde highlighted hair bleach blondes Toronto salon tony shamas

Apply the masque section by section on each strand through the lengths on washed and towel-dried hair.

Massage from lengths to ends without creating much friction; leave-in for at least 5 minutes, emulsify and rinse out completely.


Step 5 – Protect Your Hair from Heat


for weakened, highlighted and balayaged hair

kerastase ciment thermique blonde highlights bleach balayage hair salon Toronto Tony Shamas

Now that you have impeccably taken care of your blonde locks with shampoo, conditioner and masques, don’t forget to apply a great heat protector before using your blow-drier or styling tools.

Ciment Thermique is a resurfacing reinforcing milk that will protect your hair up to 180º C/356º F and save time on your daily blow-out. With an incredible scent.

Not only makes your hair feel great and cut time in half each blow-dry, it will leave your hair shiny, firm and with great flow.

With VITA-CIMENT® Pro-Keratin: synthetic proteins that mimic the function of Keratin, reconstructing the hair fiber.


Step 6 – Seal Split Ends & Finishing Touches


for damaged lengths and split ends


This best-seller is the first Dual-Serum formulated by Kérastase created to reconstruct damaged lengths and seal split ends.

Not only repairs, but delivers style memory to the affected damaged areas and split ends where it was originally applied on.

One gel and one cream. When they both meet after squeezing down the top cap, (we recommend to do it upside down, avoiding having less concentration of one of the two) it generates an intensive formula to reconstruct hair fiber intensifying strength from root to ends, while repairing split ends.

It’s newly formulated ingredients include the  Seve de Resurrection encountered in the other Resistance range from Kérastase, for maximum results.


How to Keep Your Blonde Colour Nice and Shiny Longer?

best blonde highlights Toronto salon bleach blondes Tony Shamas hair laser get rid of brassiness and yellow from hair maintain blonde colour tones


Now that you are maintaining your hair healthy, why not do some maintenance on the colour as well?

The shampoo and conditioners recommended previously are great to keep your hair in shape, are colour safe and your hair will thank you in the long run.

Let’s see what we can do to look blonder for longer, without renounce applying some great products in our hair, that won’t only keep your colour lasting for extra time, but also do some good to your locks.



for blonde or grey hair

Blonde Angel Wash great shampoo for blonde highlights, bleach blondes and grey hair maintain the colour Tony Shamas best Toronto


This amazing best selling paraben-free and sulphate free shampoo by KEVIN MURPHY not only will tone your blonde and enhance your hair colour, but just its lavender smell will be enough to make you fall in love with it at first use.

In case of emergency rescue your dulled colour and restore hair shine with its optical brighteners, great for blondes but for grey hair too.


Key ingredients are:

Murmuru Butter from Amazonia to promote glossiness, high in Vitamin A will straighten hair fiber and elasticity; Shea Butter for shine, Mango Seed Butter rich in EFA and Beta Carotene for volume, Lavender Flower great for moisture, Jojoba Seed Oil great for hydration and to soothes the hair scalp, Keratin Amino Acids to restructure hair that has been damage from chemical services, Sunflower Seed Oil natural sunscreen protection, avoids colour fade and brassiness.



for Bleached, Highlighted, Balayaged Hair

Get rid of brassiness and yellowed tones


This revolutionary colour enhancing conditioning treatment by Kevin Murphy it’s exactly what you need to keep your hair blonde for longer and at the same time moisturize and condition them.

Use just a small amount of product and leave in for 1 minute after washing your hair with Blonde.Angel.Wash then rinse thoroughly.

Ideal to repair and refresh brassy and yellowed tones to enhance the hair colour.

Not only good for your tones but also revive, moisturize and repair hair after chemical services like highlights, bleach and balayage.


Key ingredients are:

Sunflower Seed Oil natural sunscreen protection, avoids colour stripping, fade and brassiness; Lavender Flower a natural antioxidant, great for moisture; Jojoba Seed Oil great for hydration and to soothes the hair scalp and improves follicle flexibility; Olive Oil Extracts hydrates, repair and restores over-processed hair, rich in biotin and vitamins A, E and niacin; Brazil Nut extracts to create a natural layer on the hair to prevent evaporation of moisture and maintain long lasting silkiness; Vitamin E to moisturize hair and prevent dryness and keep smoothness.


All this selection of hair care products for blondes highlighted or bleach blonde and balayaged hair can look intimidating, you can simply start with 2-3 products that can serve for your purpose like the Blonde.Angel.Wash shampoo by Kevin Murphy to maintain your blonde hair colour lasting longer, Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner by Kerastase to reinforce and refinish damage lengths and weakened hair, and a inexpensive masques like RESTORE – PRO FIBER by L’Oreal Professionnel to use once or twice a week, and be set and have a great complete home hair care system to keep your hair healthy, shiny and soft and toned.


Remember, great hair always starts in salon, with the use of OLAPLEX to protect your hair during chemical services (in order to not have to keep up with hair care too much at home) and a nice 5 minutes treatment every 6 weeks like FUSIO-DOSE by Kerastase or PRO-FIBER by L’Oreal Professionnel.


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