Best Hair Conditioners for Blonde Highlights

The world of conditioners and hair beauty products for blonde highlights can be overwhelming at times, toning conditioners advertised with lots of good intentions but don’t deliver, nutritive labels that make your hair heavy resulting in a weighted-down look and so on.

Today we have decided to narrow down to the top 3 best hair conditioners for your blonde highlighted locks, the best for toning, the best for damage rescue and the best for restoring and nurture the hair fiber.

With top luxury hair care line like Kerastase Paris and Kevin Murphy we want to make sure your hair are always looked after not only in salon, but at home during your hair rituals.

Here we have listed our best hair conditioners for blonde highlights:


The Masque that acts like a Conditioner and Treatment

Who said that one of the best conditioner for your blonde highlights hair was going to be an actual conditioner?

Kerastase with their Reflection line, which is specifically designed to enhance the look and texture of highlighted and coloured hair offers an amazing masque that you can simply use after every wash like a conditioner during your hair ritual.



Chroma Riche Best Conditioner for Blonde Highlights Hair Toronto Salon Tony Shamas

Masque Chroma Riche by Kerastase can be used as a conditioner after every time your hair has been washed (go have a look for the best blonde shampoos to use in our best blonde highlights hair care post) functioning as a conditioning treatment.

The new system aqua-ionic, which fills the hair fiber with active emollient and shine enhancing ingredients, not only will make your lock shinier and prolong the results obtained right after your salon visit, but it contains a special UV Filter and is enriched with Vitamin E that will limit the damaged caused by free-radicals and shield your colour from photo-oxidation.

Chroma Riche acts also as a softening treatment moisturizing your hair and give extra shine for a rich and brighter blonde look.

For best results leave on hair for 5 to 10 minutes, we know sometimes its hard to find that little time in our busy lives, but your hair will thank you gladly.


The Conditioner that acts like a Toner and Nourishing Treatment

If your goal is to be blonder than blondie all the time without renouncing in actively moisturizing and nurturing your hair, then this conditioner by Kevin Murphy will be the best option for you.

Kevin Murphy products are all parabens and sulphate-free, cruelty-free and least, but not latest are absolutely amazing on all hair types, but specially on blondes, just like BLONDE.ANGEL.

After getting your locks fully highlighted by a professional, you want to avoid having it looking dull over time and trying to keep the blonde tones shiny maintaining also the in-salon look (have a look at the top 3 best styling products for blonde highlights hair), no one better than other conditioners out there on the market will achieve this like:





Blonde Angel by Kevin Murphy is a blonde enhancing treatment (purple conditioner) that prevents brassy tones for blonde highlights hair. It is absolutely a must have in the best blondes arsenal.

Leaves your hair soft and very manageable, and it doesn’t have to be necessarily used every time you wash your hair but definitely at least once a week if you wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

It is advisable to leave it on for 1 minute and then rinse. Thanks to lavender flower, known for its moisturizing, cleansing and balancing properties acts like an antioxidant.

Olive Oil extracts will hydrate, restore and repair while promoting shine and elasticity, nourishing also with Vitamin A and E while the Brazil Nut Extract will help moisturize and smoothen the hair preventing dryness.


The Conditioner to Use Before (or After) the Shampoo

Ever heard of reverse washing? If not you can learn more about it in our reverse shampoo wash hair trends.

It is a new hair trend that came out not too long ago and it is primarily made for blondes with finer hair whom had enough of using conditioners after shampooing that will lead to a hair weight-down, but also don’t want to renounce to the benefits of conditioning.

Kerastase came out with Soin Premiere Therapiste, a conditioner specifically made to be used before the shampoo ritual but it can also be used afterwards for whoever still like to have their hair conditioned after washing and don’t have particular problems with a product weighing down their locks.





This is the first conditioner meant to be used before shampooing your hair. It will be your first step during your hair ritual if your hair is fine and tends to weigh-down after conditioning.

Of course, you can totally still use it as a regular conditioner, after shampooing if your hair is not fine and you usually don’t encounter any problem with your hair volume after the use of a conditioner.

It is the perfect conditioner if your highlighted hair is been over-processed and weakened after using lightener or chemical processes like when fully highlighting your hair, over full scalp bleaching or simply if your hair is in need of a good restoring, revitalizing treatment.

It protects the hair from washing, harsh water and sulphate shampoos (usually contained in products for highlighted hair that need a deeper cleanser since the hair fiber is porous for lighting service), it leaves each hair fiber soft, repaired and feeling light.

It is rich in KAPs, the proteins contained in the hair to reactivate their synthesis. Plenty of amino-acids that have the capacity to be attracted to the damaged section of hair fibres (positive attracts by negative), wheat protein helps create smoothness and uniformity is restored. Sève de resurrection technology as a regenerating power.

Tips: apply on damp hair so the hair can absorb the nutrient properties without weigh-down effect, leave in for 2 to 3 minutes while massaging the lengths and ends, emulsify, then rinse completely followed by shampooing ritual if your hair is finer.


Where can you find these conditioners in Toronto?

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