Ever wonder why the most influential women always have the best hair?

Politicians, business women, lawyers and fashion designers, don’t always look good just for the position they fill.

Some of the most important women in the world, like to give themselves a little extra kick of confidence, to face the world and the pressure from their job, and feel stronger, thanks to the right look and hair.

Runway models look stylish, fierce and bold during fashion show, embodying the designer vision of the woman they are creating their clothes for.

Sometimes, what’s behind a designer’s look – especially if the designer is a woman,  Donatella Versace, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham and so on… – is the desire to make the woman feel courageous and adventurous.

She has to stand out, in a world when sometimes it can be harder “to make it” with just a great mind, but no presence.

We really can consider ourselves lucky: we live in the best country in the world, in one of the best cities in the world.

We have all the tools and technology to transform our passion in our jobs, and we can make it happen without renouncing to feel good about our look as well to move forward in life.

“Living is better than dreaming” Violet’s sings on Versace S/S 2017 Latest Fashion Show, “…if we do nothing, we get nothing”.

It’s all about change, woman empowerment, confidence and… look.

We know we are smart and strong, let’s show them we can look good too, and have it all!


Angel Ahrendts SVP Apple, Ex Blackberry, Ex Burberry


What are the characteristics of a confident and strong hair look, to push you and reach your destionation?


The Hair Colour: [ BOLD ]

bold hair colour strong and confident look

Deidre Marinelli – FASHION Magazine


The colour of your hair can say a lot about you, but not just to others, to yourself as well.

Stereotypes asides, what really matters is how we feel it and how it makes us feel.

For a consistent fresh look, and to avoid bad hair days, do not let you hair colour fade and miss touch ups, home care and in-salon maintenance when due.


Not only you will look good to others, but it’s that precious time for you to take care of yourself and leave the salon feeling refreshed and taken care of.

Whatever is the colour you are going for, make sure it will be a statement: “I’m here. I’m strong, I can do anything.”

best haircuts toronto red hair layers

B O L D is the keyword for your colour.

If you are feeling like going lighter, go all the way: highlights all over!

Darker? A deep black level one, with a hint of one level of lighter shade to add some dimension, and definitely not forgetting to freshen up your ends with an extra kick of glossy luminous reflections and vinyl shine with the help of DIA Light acid technology by l’Oreal Professionnel.


The Haircut [ E M P O W E R ]




The haircut is the decisive moment that is telling the world – drastically or not – who you are and show it.

The most important questions to ask yourself before drastic changes are:

Will I be able to live with this every day?

How long will it take to style it before walking out the door every morning?

Will it suit my personality and tell people who I am or make me look shy when I’m outgoing or worst, viceversa?

Whatever haircut you choose, remember that has to give you power and make you feel comfortable within yourself and confident.

Unstoppable, empowered do not mean that you are an hostile person, you just know who you are and what you want.

Donatella Versace Haircut for a strong and confident hair look salon Toronto

A shorter haircut to be more agile and free, moving towards your goals in life.

Show your face, speak your truth. Break rules and boundaries.

Transforming energies into movements to reach further and further.

Shoulder length haircut it’s easier to style, easier to wash, low maintenance with just an usual every 6 weeks trimming and reshaping: perfectly in time for a hair colour refresh and touch up.


The Styling: [ S L E E K ]

best hair salon Toronto haircuts, blonde highlights, styling Tony Shamas hair & laser


Styling your hair prior reaching the work place it’s a must, but not always quick and easy with the wrong tools and styling products.

A powerful and fast blow dryer to get things done and now, because when you are in a rush, nothing can’t hold you back!

paul mitchell neuro motion blow dryer hair salon toronto tony shamas


A styling cream with heat protection for when you can’t wash your hair every day and want to refresh and completely reshape your style. All you need is a bit of heat from your blow-dryer for the next 3 days once the cream is in your hair.

Day 1 Straight hair, Day 2 Curly Hair, Day 3 Voluminous Blow-dry, getting rid of that 2nd day flattened bed hair.

kerastase l'incroyable blow dry best hair look strong confident hair salon Toronto tony shamas

L’Incroyable Blow-Dry by Kérastase is the right styling product for the woman in movement and who loves to be always presentable, on point and with a great scent in her hair all day long.

Most successful women like to keep it simple.

It’s prerogative to them to have a low maintenance look.

Straight hair reflects more shine but adding some waves for movement will look a bit more relaxed and open to new ideas when you need to meet with your team looking for new strategies.

Constant no-frizz is necessary to maintain sleek look and be perceived as flawless.


That’s why the DISCIPLINE hair care line from Kérastase will be your to-reach-to when getting ready in the washroom.

If you opted for a curly look, or if your hair is naturally curly, to help defrizz thick corkscrew curls you might want to skip shampoo at times during your morning routine and just use straight conditioner or a conditioning cleanser like CLEANSER CONDITIONER CURL IDEAL by Kérastase.

Cutting short your curls might help as well to have a sleeker and more “organized look” easier to maintain on a daily basis.

We all know beauty is pain.

When opting for a ponytail it may mean we have to go through that midday-headache-feel they usually cause.

That is because pulling back your hair and putting them into a bun, will pull the nerves on your scalp triggering the pain.

Try to avoid this inconvenience, by putting the actual ponytail pretty up high on top, so that some of the weight will sits on the head, as opposed to pulling down and pull your nerves.

Also avoiding using common drugstore hair elastics will help.

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