best haircuts toronto

A showcase of the best haircuts created by our team of experienced hairdresser stylists in our hair salon downtown Toronto

Thinking of making the transition and change your haircut and maybe, why not… completely reshape your style ?

Here the showcase of some of the best haircuts we’ve done. Or at least the ones we could snap a picture of, before their owners left the salon.

From “just a little trim” to drastic changes: 10 inches off.  From long lush hair to a pixie haircut .

Haircuts for a job interview?

A divorce, a lawyer and… a new haircut !

A new city, a new career, simply a new way of seeing yourself: have a look at our BEST HAIRCUTS !

Long layers, a few layers, no layers… Just trim the ends. You don’t have to go all the way and chop it all off to look new and refreshed, a few strategic cuts here and there to be little bit more eclectic, look sleek and confident or maybe finding some new trends from the latest runway shows playing at our hair salon.

To spice it up a little you can choose to add a few highlights and brighten up your look, or change your colour completely and go for a vibrant and bold red to match your new haircut .

We have packages that make it cheaper to do colour, cut and style during the same visit, so you can indulge and splurge more.

You hair is really your best accessory, no need for bright and expensive luxury designer bags or clothes when all you need to stand out from the crowd and take charge of life is great hair.

The choices and possibilities are infinite, you have the power to choose, explore our best haircuts up to date:

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