Best Luxury Hair Masques for Blonde Highlights

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Keeping good care of your blonde highlights hair can be a challenge and overwhelming sometimes when it comes down to choosing the best luxury hair masques to keep your hair healthy, renewed and radiant looking.

Today we’ll go over a few of the best three hair masques that we recommend for whomever is in need of a  little pick-me-up on their hair, specially if you have blonde highlights in your locks.

Let’s get down to it and let’s start the list of recommendations with:


CHRONOLOGISTE Hair Masque – The art of luxury hair regeneration






Chronologiste is an excellent luxury hair masque for fine blonde highlighted hair that are not over-processed but slightly damaged. Ideal if your concern is to up-keep the well-being of your hair without the weigh-down effect of more protein and moisture-based masques.

Abyssine is a rare molecule found in the faults of volcanos in the Pacific Ocean, that is ideal for revitalized your blonde lock and – not only, this masque is great on all hair types – but it nourishes your scalp as well.

Smoothens and replenish the hair fiber revitalizing the hair scalp.


MASQUE THÉRAPISTE – The Bandage Repairing Masque for your thick, over-processed hair

masque therapiste best hair care for blonde highlighted thick over-processed hair damaged bleach blonde hair salon Toronto

If you have been highlighting or bleaching your hair fully, and specially if you hair is a medium to thick type, you will fall in love with Masque ThÉrapiste, the number one recommended at our hair salon for blonde highlights locks.

It is a rich, reconstructive masque with a velvety texture, to leave on once a week during your hair ritual for at least 5 full minutes for best results.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that little extra time to take the time to leave on your favourite beauty products in our busy schedule, but if you make it a habit only once a week on your day off, your hair will certainly thank you gladly and this will give you an extra “me time” to reconnect with your hair needs.

Perfect for very damaged lengths and ends, with a buttery touch sensation that means business. It repairs your hair straight from the core and releases proteins – KAPs – that are the fundamental of your hair structure.

6 amino-acids that automatically attach themselves to the damaged areas of your hair fiber, for a reconstructive process that last for days.


MASQUE ELIXIR ULTIME – Deep infusion of precious oils


After a long winter and a refresh of your blonde highlights, Masque Elixir ultime is the perfect choice to improve your hair texture, softness and strengthen the hair without renouncing at adding some extra shine to your locks.

It has a great light scent that will diffuse all over your bathroom. If you have a sensitive nose, please open the masque cap at least a few minutes before apply it on your hair to avoid that extra scent from “just-opened-new-product” abundance.

Makes your hair softer and fuller, and protected thanks to the light argan oil. Pracaxi oil it’s great to improve resistance, while camelia adds shine and maize adds moisture.

It is a great masque to revitalized dull looking natural blonde hair, and for whom always retouches their root colour while adding few highlights.

To leave in 5 minutes or even all night for an extra beautified, shiny look!