Best Texturizing Products for a Smooth Hair Look

Ever wanted that sleek, smooth look that screams fluidity but your hair screams frizziness and unruliness?

No worries, we have in store a few options for you to give your hair – and daily life – that lightweight and free-movement of smoothness you are aiming for.

Actresses and runway models certainly do not wake up looking that confident and they do in magazines photos with no fly-ways and sleekness. It is all in the preparation, hard work using the right texturizing products before the final styling process begins to be camera-ready.

Best Texturizing Products for a Smooth Hair Look


We all experience bad hair days, either we have a day off or we actively meaning business at work.

Our bosses have high expectations yes, but they are certainly not referring to our hair, and we need to keep things a bit more down to earth sometimes.

To keep things even easier, we went ahead and did all the research for you, coming back with a tiny list of your t0-go-to’s texturizing hair products to keep your hair not only shiny and nourished, but looking smooth for a fluidity that lasts all day long.



keratine thermique kerastase hair salon Toronto Best Texturizing Products Smooth Hair


An amazing leave-in smoothing milk by Kerastase. To be used on your hair before blow-dry, it is perfect to give your locks all the smoothness you need, specially if they are very unruly and hard to tame.

Ensures protection from heat styling tools and blow-dryer up to 180 degrees Celsius and creates a shield against humidity thanks to its water resistant properties.

Smooth evenness, easier blow-dry (cutting the usual necessary time almost in half), gives softness to the touch and a nice glossy shine for a perfect smooth and sleek look throughout the entire day.

High frizz protection, pro-keratin – a synthetic type of Keratin created in laboratory – that helps rebuild the hair fiber. Ceramid-1000 helps strengthen the hair shaft from the inside-out.

After the wash, towel-dry and sse a tiny-hazelnut amount before blow-drying. Massage carefully onto lengths and ends and proceed with blow-dryer.



Best Styling Product Anti frizz Toronto Hair Salon Winter

For hair that will not only be smoother but also more touchable and scent enhanced, SMOOTH.AGAIN by KEVIN MURPHY is The Choice.

Paraben-free, cruelty-free! A more natural and sustainable option for your hair.

A leave-in anti-frizz treatment to use just before blow-dry.

Ideal choice for your thick hair and/or with severe frizziness, works with a dual action, smoothening the hair and protecting them from heat damage.

Creates a silky feel and hydrates, while treating the hair fiber with natural ingredients like Baobab Seed Oil and Vitamins A, D, E, F for rejuvination and shine.

Perfect to use also on curly hair and medium-thicker hair type, without the weigh-down feel. A pump usually does the trick for medium-length hair.


Need more information about texturizing products for your unruly hair? You may want to consider indulging in our Keratin Treatment for a sleek and smooth look, that last for months.

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