Blonde Hair Colour Ideas for Summer

Blondes are always looking for new ways to enhance their hair colour and brunettes have wondered at least once how it would be to change their hair colour to blonde.

Thanks to balayage and ombre tecquiques it is fairly easier to at least have a sneek-peak of what your hair will look like lightened up under the sun or at the beach and this breaks a bit the separation mark between too light or too dark and everyone can experiment.

Lightner or darker, warmer, colder or ashier, toners offer a wide range or different shades to enhance and change the look and style of your blonde hair, no matter if you had balayage, ombre, or blonde foil highlights done.

Blonde colour ideas for your summer

If you are looking to lift your spirit everytime you’ll look at the mirror, blonde it is definitely the colour you hair going for your hair.

A subtle balayage or a cooler ombre, soft highlights or bright bleach blonde? We give you some example, you pick yours!

Full Highlights

full head highlights









Beach Partial Highlights

beach 2016 summer highlights









Balayage Blonde

Balayage Blonde Summer









Partial Highlights on Short Bob

partial highlights on short bob








Full Head Highlights on Long Hair

full head of highlights long hair








Full Blonde Colour

full colour blonde








Milkshake Blonde Highlights

Milkshake Blonde Highlights








Recommended Products for Blonde Hair, Highlighted Hair, Balayage Hair Colour:

To maintain and have a perfect long-lasting and shine blonde hair colour, we do recommend to use high-quality products, strictly recommended by your trusted hair stylists.

We have a few suggestions here:

From Kerastase:

therapiste line for highlighted, blonde, balayage hair colour











From Kevin Murphy

repair me restore me kevin murphy






From L’Oreal Professionnel

shine blonde l'oreal professionnell