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If you recently make the switch and “activated” your life has a blonde, you are probably enjoying all the thrills of a blondie but also dealing with all the common side-effects that keeping up with your blonde shades bring.

No need to worry, we got you covered! We just compiled a list of the best hair essentials for blonde hair that cannot miss in your bathroom necessaire. From shampoo and conditioners that restore your hair fiber, to the ones that bright up your blonde tones before they get brassy, leave-in serums to enhance the colour and shine while adding some repairing ingredients to it.

On our Instagram you can find the best blonde highlights hair that our team created at our location in downtown Toronto and, just recently we have started to use the hashtag #blondeupyourlife to help you find it and, here, we will help you find the best hair essential products to keep up with your locks, once you have made your move, and switched to blonde hair.


The top hair essentials products for blonde highlights hair:


  • Bain Therapiste by Kerastase

  • Soin Premiere Therapiste by Kerastase

  • Blonde Angel by Kevin Muphy

  • SHIMMER.ME BLONDE by Kevin Murphy

  • Masque Therapiste by Kerastase


Bain Therapiste by Kerastase

best blonde highlights bleach damaged hair salon toronto kerastase bain therapiste toronto

Highly charged with cationic polymers to boost repair power. Its unprecedented texture and the sensation of a semi-solid gel, surrounds the fiber to reduce friction during washing.

KAPs account for 50% to 60% of hair's structure. /react-text 
react-text: 42 Thérapiste range was designed to stimulate the regeneration of these KAPs, an exclusive technology of Kérastase

During your cleanse ritual, encloses the hair fiber and reduces friction to leave the hair revitalized and shiny.

It is recommended to rub it in your hands and emulsify before applying to wet hair, starting from the ends first and then to the lengths and roots.

Contains 6 amino acids and 1 wheat protein to restore uniformity and smoothness.

The amino-acids will attach onto the damaged areas of your hair and work deeply to dispel damage.

Soin Premiere Therapiste by Kerastase


This is the first conditioner meant to be used before shampooing your hair. It will be your first step during your hair ritual if your hair is fine and tends to weigh-down after conditioning.

Of course, you can totally still use it as a regular conditioner, after shampooing if your hair is not fine and you usually don’t encounter any problem with your hair volume after the use of a conditioner.

It is the perfect conditioner if your highlighted hair is been over-processed and weakened after using lightener or chemical processes like when fully highlighting your hair, over full scalp bleaching or simply if your hair is in need of a good restoring, revitalizing treatment.

It protects the hair from washing, harsh water and sulphate shampoos (usually contained in products for highlighted hair that need a deeper cleanser since the hair fiber is porous for lighting service), it leaves each hair fiber soft, repaired and feeling light.

It is rich in KAPs, the proteins contained in the hair to reactivate their synthesis. Plenty of amino-acids that have the capacity to be attracted to the damaged section of hair fibres (positive attracts by negative), wheat protein helps create smoothness and uniformity is restored. Sève de resurrection technology as a regenerating power.

Tips: apply on damp hair so the hair can absorb the nutrient properties without weigh-down effect, leave in for 2 to 3 minutes while massaging the lengths and ends, emulsify, then rinse completely followed by shampooing ritual if your hair is finer.

Blonde.Angel by Kevin Muphy

blonde angel kevin murphy purple shampoo toning


This is the perfect purple conditioning reinforcing treatment to use for your blonde hair.

Your hair moisture and hydration will be restored, brassy tones refreshed and smells amazing!

And of course parabens-free and cruelty-free like all Kevin Murphy products.


Best Styling Products for Blonde Highlights Hair Toronto

Extra sensorial experience with Shimmer.Me.Blonde!

Not only this little guy delivers repairing benefits to your blonde locks, making them nice and soft over time of frequent use but makes your hair extra shiny and releases an unprecedented scent that last all night long for your fun night outs or all day for when you just need that extra kick in your life to be perfect!

Your blonde colour is enhanced, naturally softens and brightens the hair, leaving it refreshed. Perfect for highlighted and blonde or grey shades.

Nourishment, moisture and good-bye to yellow and gold tones.

To be applied to damp, towel-dried or dry hair. Never forget to twirl for 10 seconds before use, don’t shake, as some of the glitters particles may get stuck over time inside the pump.

Not to rinse; leave to dry naturally or style as desired if used before styling. Spray all over from at least 13 inches from head.

Masque Therapiste by Kerastase

masque therapiste toronto highlights


You will fall in love with Masque ThÉrapiste, the number one recommended at our hair salon for blonde highlights locks.

It is a rich, reconstructive masque with a velvety texture, to leave on once a week during your hair ritual for at least 5 full minutes for best results.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that little extra time to take the time to leave on your favourite beauty products in our busy schedule, but if you make it a habit only once a week on your day off, your hair will certainly thank you gladly and this will give you an extra “me time” to reconnect with your hair needs.

Perfect for very damaged lengths and ends, with a buttery touch sensation that means business. It repairs your hair straight from the core and releases proteins – KAPs – that are the fundamental of your hair structure.

6 amino-acids that automatically attach themselves to the damaged areas of your hair fiber, for a reconstructive process that last for days.


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