Coloured Hair: Make Colour Last Longer

Coloured Hair: Make Colour Last Longer

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Let’s learn some tips on how to make the colour of your hair last longer and keep its shine after frequent washes tend with time tends to look dull, discoloured and faded.

Usually, when you come out of the salon after a colour service for the first couple of weeks your hair colour is shiny, vibrant but after some time inexorably starts to lose it’s shine, looks dull and the tones takes on a lighter shades; this may be the result of unproper use of hair products, or the wrong ones and lack of care.

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Colour + Olaplex + Toner

Specially in the summer months with the sunshine and sea-salt water playing togheter against our so much loved hair colour.

Thankfully for us though there are many ways on how to maintain the colour vibrant and shiny until your next visit to a salon to get your hair dyed and nice again.


Treat well your coloured hair

Unfortunately not all hair dyes are permanent and keep colouring them every two week to maintain the colour is not the most easy and economical solution, doing so you risk to damage the hair (specially if you are doing highlights without using Olaplex) and not getting your desired colour.

This happens because hair are structured and composed by small overlapped tiles that with the use of chemical products, as hair dye, tend to open up and make the hair look off and dried out.

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Full Colour Vibrant Red

To bring back the right balance in their structure is important: use the right hair products – to bring back the hair to it’s shiny and softness; and follow a few basic rules to restore their health. You’ll see that a little bit of commitment from you to your hair will bring them back to life and make your colour last longer between salon visits.


Rules for long lasting hair colour


The first rule to follow is to trust your hair stylist. When you are in salon getting your colour done and your hairdresser is advising you on receive a treatment for a better health of you hair and to make your colour last longer, just allow a little bit of TLC and treat yourself, indulging in a hair treatmet. He or she is not there just to add anything that comes his / her way to pump up your bill, but cares about your hair health and wants to make it look as good as it can be for the longest time.

Blonde Balayage Toronto


We care and we want to make it all feel right, so what kind of treatments are out there?

Use the right shampoo

Using the right shampoo for colour treated hair, and in many cases sulfate-free, it is essential to maintain our hair colour nice and prolongue its radiance for weeks when we wash it at home.

Let’s take a look on some shampoo specifically created for Colour Treated Hair:


vitamino color shampoo loreal professionnel colour protecting shampoo toronto

It’s a colour protecting shampoo with Incell Hydro-Resist technology. Can be used daily as a cleanser for color-treated hair that helps prolong color radiance. It is enriched with an anti-oxidant complex and UV filters, your salon color shines more vibrantly. It offers: colour protection, UV protection, enhances shine. It contains Neohespiridin, anti-oxidant, and tocopherol and panthenol for hair protection.



description of angel.wash by kevin murphy for colour treated hair color enhancing shampoo


bain chroma captive sulfate free color treated hair maintain colour sulfate freeShampoo for colour-treated hair. The shampoo captures and prolongs the hair colour in its most perfect state. In its new formulation as sulfate-free. Deep, intense, luminous: your colour never seem to be fading. Best tips on Application: Apply to wet hair, Massage, Rinse out thoroughly.

What is the TECHNOLOGY behind it:

The new Système Capture GZTM to capture, fix, magnify the colour for 40 days*:
▪ Zinc Gluconate: a powerful ingredient, that ties coloring agents together by creating ionic bonds
▪ Vitamine E and UV filters: known to fight against external aggressions to protect the colour reflects
▪ Lindseed Oil: homogenizes the fiber and smoothes the cuticle supporting maximal shine

*instrumental test with and without shampoo

BAIN CHROMA RICHE by KERASTASE ideal for Highlights and Balayage

kerastase reflection line highlighted balayage colour treated hair toronto

Color protecting shampoo for dry, highlighted, balayage or color-treated hair.

Best tips on Application: Apply to wet hair, Massage, Rinse out thoroughly.


  • UV filter and anti-fading protection

  • Moisturizes hair, leaving it supple to the touch

  • Gently cleanses, adding softness and shine

  • Leaves hair shimmering with radiance 

What’s behind the technology:


  • Aqua-Ionic: Infuses the hair fiber with emollient ingredients

  • UV Filter and Vitamin E Derivative: Helps protect the hair from color fade


Use the Right Conditioner

Using the right conditioner for colour treated hair, it is essential to maintain our hair colour nice and prolongue its lasting radiance for weeks when we wash it at home.


Let’s take a look on some conditioners specifically created for Colour Treated Hair:


vitamino colour a-ox conditioner salon toronto hair colour treatedWith rich texture, the Vitamino Color A-OX Conditioner leaves colored hair smoother and easier to detangle. Used after the Vitamino Shampoo, color-treated hair is softened and shine and vibrancy levels are beautifully boosted.

RESULTS: Color protection, Detangles, Smoothes, Enhanced Shine



ANGEL RINSE KEVIN MURPHY TORONTO COLOUR TREATED HAIRdescription angel rinse colour treated hair salon toronto




kerastase fondante chroma captive colour treated hair toronto

It’s a conditioner that takes care of all the shine you need. As stated “Shine Intensify care”.

Suited for Coloured Hair, Highlighted Hair, Balayaged hair.

Rinse-out. The fondant prolongs the colour in its most perfect state and intensifies its shine whilst maintaining its lightness. Treating rinse-out care for coloured hair. Deep, intense, luminous: your colour will last longer than using a normal drug-store conditioner. APPLICATION:  Apply to washed and towel-dried hair, Massage through the lengths and ends, Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, Rinse thoroughly.

What is the Technology behind it:

The new Système Capture GZTM to capture, fix, magnify the colour for 40 days*:
▪ Zinc Gluconate: a powerful ingredient, that ties coloring agents together by creating ionic bonds
▪ Vitamine E and UV filters: known to fight against external aggressions to protect the colour reflects
▪ Lindseed Oil: homogenizes the fiber and smoothes the cuticle supporting maximal shine

*instrumental test with and without shampoo

how to maintain hair colour longer with powerdose colour a-ox loreal salon treatment toronto

– If you want to go a bit more in-depth and have an extra 5 minutes for your salon visit, getting a POWERDOSE COLOUR A-OX  by L’Oreal Professionnel it’s a must! With just a little bit more economically and time-wise than a masque you can get great results that last up to a good 3 weeks. POWERDOSE COLOUR A-OX it’s a colour radiance in-salon treatment for full colour-treated hair, including highlights and balayage, is the perfect treatment that complements your colour service. The concentrated treatment provides high colour protection for your colour and it’s a great UV Filter not only for summer, but great to have all year long.


– FUSIO-DOSE by Kerastase it’s a luxurious personalized hair treatment like no others. Choosing among 4 concentrates and 5 boosters, the hairstylist selects the best combination possible of pure active ingridients for results that last up to 4 weeks. (6 weeks if accompanied with home proper hair care and hair regime ritual by Kerastase). For each application 20 different combinations are possible. In 2 steps you can beautifully transform your hair, step 1 find your primary need, for hair colour last: Concentrè Pixelist for Radiance, step 2 identify your second need. We will choose from Nourishment Booster, for dry hair, Manageability Booster for frizz-free hair, Radiance Booster for Shine in your colour, Density Booster to get a little bit more Body to the hair, Reinforcing Booster for Strenght.

Let’s see how it works for lasting hair colours and body:



The fiber is re-densified and toned. The radiance of colored hair is boosted instantly for lasting results.

technology used in bain chroma riche blonde shampoo highlights balayage kerastase salon toronto tony shamas hair laser

Another rule to follow to treat your hair with care at home, is to always wash them with WARM wather instead of HOT water, also when you are blow-drying your hair at home do not turn the heat of your blow-dryer all the way up, but try to keep it a little on the colder side, your hair will thank you later. Also, try to use a HEAT PROTECTOR before blow-drying, this will create a shild and moisturize your hair and keep it nice, soft and smooth throughout the day.

A few heat protectors that we recommed are:

L’Incroyable Blowdry by Kerastase,

Lincroyable blowdry heat protector blow-dry

it doesn’t just give you infinite repositionability or 96 hours of frizz protection, it gives you time. Time you used to spend reapplying product or worrying about styling it wrong. L’incroyable blowdry’s shape memory allows you to style and restyle in minutes. This means going curly, straight and curly again without reapplying. Oh, and up to 450° Thermo-Protection.


Keratine Thermique by Kerastase

keratine thermique kerastase heat protector toronto

Blow-dry care for unruly hair in the form of a smoothing taming milk. This must-have pre-styling milk consolidates the hair fiber to restore all of its smooth evenness, ensure protection from humidity by enveloping the fiber with a water-resistant shield all while ensuring high-heat protection up to 180º C/356º F*


Also, excessive sun exposure and chlorine from the pool may lead to shiny and radiance loss, but how do we take good care of our hair colour from it’s first wash after a new colour service in-salon?

What about a weekly nutritive and softening Masque?

Does it help maitain the colour? Certainly, and not only helps maitain your colour radiance lasting longer, keeps your hair hydrated, softer and healthier. Enriched proteins and quality vitamins are its main components.

A masque will make your hair feel nice, shiny and soft for about a week, a few masque that we recommend to use are:


vitamino color fresh feel keep and maintain your hair colour with masque loreal professionnel

– Vitamino Color Fresh Feel Masque by L’Oreal Professionnell that not only will preserve you hair colour but gives you a nice energizing and calming at the same time fresh minty feel and scent. Oh, and good news: Vitamino Color Fresh Feel is available to bring home as well;

masque forche achitecte damage colour hair toronto

– Masque Forche Architecte by Kerastase, if you are getting highlights or balayage done, this hair masque will be perfect for you. Not only will make you hair colour more vibrant but it’s substance-reconstructing properties – now enriched with Sève de Résurrection or “resurrection sap,” will give greater attentiveness to damaged fiber and reseal your hair cuticles. Also contains Vita-Ciment technology with Pro-Keratin which mimics the function of keratin and rebuilds the hair; Ceramid: recreates the intercellular cement (remember we talked about those small overllapped tiles that creates the hair shaft), strenghtening the hair fiber from the inside.


Want to know more? Come and ask us directly on how to make your hair colour last longer and keep its radiance:

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