Introducing the COLOURING.ANGELS by Kevin Murphy

colouring angels kevin murphy salon toronto


Add an instant kiss of colour and illuminating lip gloss-lie shine to your hair with the new COLOURING.ANGEL.

Packed with an antioxidant rich blend of Green Tea, Olive Leaf and Grape Seed, these colour refreshing treatments moisturize, refresh and tone blonde or lightened hair.

A comprehensive range of colour enhancing conditioning treatment (to use after as a conditioner after every wash) there is an angel for every blonde or highlighted coloured hair tone.

colouring angels kevin murphy salon toronto



Illuminating gloss colour enhancing shine treatment.


Apricot rosé colour enhancing shine treatment.


Creamy beige colour enhancing shine treatment. Think of a lip gloss.


Cool ash colour enhancing shine treatment.


Conditions and moisturizes bleached, highlighted and grey hair, while repairing any brassy or yellow tones.


You can purchase online the angels at:

Shamas Boutique.


colouring angels kevin murphy salon toronto




How to Use the Colouring.Angels?

Apply to freshly washed hair, leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse.

How many washes will the colour last?

Depending on the condition of the hair on average, and if you are using a sulphate-free shampoo for every wash, COLOURING.ANGELS last about 3-4 washes.

How often should I use?

COLOURING.ANGELS can be used as often as desired in place of your regular KEVIN.MURPHY RINSE (conditioner) for a conditioning colour and shine boost!

Will the pigment build up in the hair?

No. COLOURING.ANGELS are specially designed to deposit the right amount of product each application and can therefore be used as often as desired without the pigment building up in the hair.

Will COLOURING.ANGELS stain my scalp, hands, pillowcase, shower?

When used as directed, you should not experience any staining. To avoid staining, we recommend rising COLOURING.ANGELS thoroughly from your hair, hands and any surfaces, such as shower, that come in contact with the product.

Will the product cover greys and/or net growth?

COLOURING.ANGELS will not cover grey or new growth but you might experience a blending effect.

Will the use of COLOURING.ANGELS effect my next color appointment?

No. COLOURING.ANGELS will not affect the performance of hair dyes so feel free to use as desired between colour services.


Yes. COLOURING.ANGELS can be used on brunettes and darker shades for subtle enhancement of tone. Colour change is not very noticeable on most darker shades.

Can you use Colouring.Angels on Highlighted, Balayage or Ombré hair?

Yes. Colouring.Angels can be used on highlighted, balayage or ombré hair. The colour will appear deeper on the darker parts of the hair while lighter parts of the hair will experience a more subdued result the on pre-lightened hair that is more porous.

What happens if you leave the product on longer? Is the colour progressive?

You might experience a slightly stronger colour if left on longer than 3-5 minutes but not enough to call it “progressive”.

What shampoo should I use prior to using COLOURING.ANGELS?

We recommend using your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY WASH prior to using COLOURING.ANGELS.

How are the new COLOURING.ANGELS formulas different from the BLONDE.ANGEL?

COLOURING.ANGELS contain hair dyes for an instant temporary kiss of colour while BLONDE.ANGEL is formulated with cosmetic colourants that brighten and tone but do not impact colour.

All of the ANGELS are water soluble and non-oxidative.

colouring angels kevin murphy salon toronto


COLOURING.ANGELS give you a whole range of options and choice when it comes to imparting shine and brightness to dull hair, refreshing colour and neutralising unwanted tones.

They will illuminate and protect even the most damaged or stressed hair while imparting a lip gloss like shine and tone to the hair.


You can purchase online the Kevin Murphy angels at:

Shamas Boutique