Couture Hair Perfume: a Spring Luxury Trend

Couture Hair Perfume: a Spring Luxury Trend Hair Salon Toronto Kerastase chronologist Tony Shamas

Winter is still lurking but we are already looking VERY forward for the warmer spring months ahead and their trends.

So, why not anticipate them and get prepared for when the orange flowers blossoms? Let’s indulge!

And indulging, never felt so good when will make our hair feel amazing at touch while stimulating our sense of smell, and the one of lucky ones around us.

We love to indulge with a bit luxury specially when it makes us feel good, don’t you do as well?

Couture is not limited only to designer clothes that require talent, precision and countless hours of hard work to be created.

When the very same designers who create these masterpieces want to bring a little bit of their couture inside of the daily life of individuals, they create a line of perfume that empower the vision of the maison adding an extra sensorial touch to their collections: the sense of smell.

Just as with their clothes, they commission the creation of their perfume collection to Haute Couturists de le Perfumerie.

Alberto Morillas is well know for the creation of perfume for major fashion houses and maisons of the caliber of BULVARI, MARC JACOBS, CALVIN KLEIN, CAROLINA HERRERA, CARTIER, DONNA KARAN, DSQUARED2, GIORGIO ARMANI, ISSEY MIYAKE, KENZO, VERSACE, VALENTINO, MAUBOUSSIN, YVES SAINT LAURENT and so on…

It was no surprise, when Kérastase announced they have chosen him for the creation of their Haute Perfumerie scent for hair: CHRONOLOGISTE.




The Kérastase Chronologiste Hair Perfume, is a lightweight leave in that not only leaves a sublime scent to your hair that lasts all day, but it gives also a nice finishing touch, while regenerating your hair fiber.

Your hair is left shiny, soft, and nourished. Touching your hair will be your new obsession – or the new one of someone special… and lucky!

Perfect for date nights, or simply when you want to feel amazing at the office or on special occasions.


How to use it?

Take 1 pump for fine to normal hair, 2 pumps for thick hair. Apply only on dry hair (perfect after blow-dry). Work throughout the lengths to the ends. Leave-in.

Make sure to apply it 2 inches (4 cm) or more from the roots, to ensure your hair remains lightweight and does not grease while hours are passing. (Your hair is greasier at the root).


What are the main ingredients?

Myrrh extract

Jasmine absolute & Myrrh extract for a higher concentration of scents with long lasting effect.

An unique combination of precious oils: Amla, Maize, Camelia, Argan.

Combined will provided shine, nourishment, and softness.

Jasmine absolute & Myrrh extract


Professional Tip: the ingredients inside the new Chronologiste are perfect also for aging hair thanks to their regenerative proprieties.


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