Damaged Hair – What to Use

Damaged Hair – What to Use

Unfortunately for us, hair damage can happen relatively quickly: an in-home bleaching, using hot styling tools without the help of heat protectors, washing hair with hot water, city pollution, weather conditions and so on.

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But not to worry, there are new hair care treatments and home care line that can help get your beautiful damaged hair back to normal, without having to opt for drastic “chop-chop”, solutions.

Last year, L’Oréal Professionnel introduced a revolutionary in-salon system that is a taylor-made solution for all levels of damage: PRO-FIBER.

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The research for this revolutionary treatment took 7 years and 15 patents pending: it is the most sophisticated hair care technology for damaged hair to date from our laboratories. Said Patricia Pineau, L’Oréal’s Scientific Communications Director.


Pro Fiber offers an in-salon treatment tailored to your level of hair damage, and also reactivate its benefits at home, thanks to the highly concentrated and advanced products that complete the whole process of restoring and revamp your hair fiber.

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The shampoo and conditioner, both reactivate the in-salon treatment up to 4 weeks. When you wash your hair on the 4th week you will use a mini-treatment called RE-CHARGE (they come in boxes of 6) instead of the conditioner. The RE-CHARGE it literally recharges the benefits of the in-salon treatment.


Here all the steps in detail:



After a consultation with you and assessing the level of damage of your hair, the hairdresser will first prepare them by choosing and applying the appropriate range of shampoo (revive, restore and recover), giving your scalp a relaxing massage.

Will then select a special Concentrate available only in L’Oreal Professional salons, and apply it onto the damaged areas of your hair.

damaged hair what to use toronto hair salon tony shamas hair laser


Your hairdresser will now proceed applying the Renewing Masque on top of the Concentrate and massage it all over into the hair fibre using a signature professional layering technique to give your hair a renewed and restored look.

After your blow-dry, where a pro fiber leave-in conditioner with heat protection will be used (if your hairdresser defines your hair needs it) your hair will look shiny, feel nice and healthy.

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To prolong and recharge the smoothing effect of your Pro Fiber in-salon treatment, and continuing reversing and erasing the damaged in your hair, you will bring home the last step of the PRO FIBER Damaged Hair Care Regime.

After using the Shampoo and Conditioner (or Masque if your hairdresser opted for it), complete the programme with a nice Leave-in – that works wonders as heat protector as well.

To boost and recharge the in salon treatment for up to 6 weeks, on every fourth shampoo substitute the Conditioner or Masque with the Re-charge booster.

Leave on at least for 5 minutes, lather and rinse fully.


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Taking care of your hair is not a luxury, is a must!

Healthy hair to live better, feel free and enjoy your every day life.

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