Exotic Musical Voyages Take You Places

Exotic Musical Voyages Take You Places

Soundtracks Escapes: more meaning to the music while getting pampered.

Exotic Musical Voyages Take You Places Instagram Tony Shamas Insta Stories

If you are following Tony Shamas’s Instagram you probably had a chance, starting last week, to see in our Insta Stories what theme was playing as a soundtrack of the day on Tuesday and Saturday.

As we always strive to bring the most exotic, rare and brand new music to add to your experience during your visit at our hair salon, we wanted to do something more to the  already researching, selecting and compiling our own music catalogue.

We decided to set the mood of the music that was playing, re-selecting each song and relating it to a little escape or trip in some land far away.

We believe in dreaming and stimulate the mind, giving it a little hint of where you could be enjoining your coffee while your colour processes, and let your fantasy do the rest.


Exotic Musical Voyages Take You Places Instagram Tony Shamas Insta Stories Buddha-Bar


Where do you want to go today?

In the streets of the Medina Market in Marrakesh? Enjoying an evening drink at Buddha-Bar Dubai? Or staring at the sunset on a beach in the Balearics?

With music and a little bit of fantasy everything is possible. But remember, living is better than dreaming.

So next time you are in salon and let yourself transport to some exotic place, once returning at home, don’t forget to book your little escape to experience these moments with your new hair look, and let the fantasy become reality.


If you want to experience your escape at our hair salon in downtown Toronto, you can find us at:

81 Jarvis Street, Toronto (ON) M5C 2H4

We are located at the North East corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St, across the St James Park and just a couple of blocks North or the St Lawrence Market.