Fall Hair Trends: The Italian Bob

Fall Hair Trends 2023 Italian Bob Instagram Inspo

Fall is coming and with it also an avalanche of new hair trends as every year, but what is the most relevant and prominent one the stars are falling in love with? Let’s find out…


Of course, the French styles are always in vogue and are forever green, however, this fall it is an Italian trend that is taking over social media starred TikTok and Instagram.


Italy and France share together this beauty factor approach that is undeniable.

Emphasis are on effortless elegance, nonchalance and classics.


The most prominent example that we can’t deny this fall is the randomly glamorous Italian bob, when we have seen actress Simone Tabasco in the second season of The White Lotus wandering around the Italian southern island of Sicily.


Immediately, stars of the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kourtnery Karsdashian Baker also started adopting the trend.

Fall Hair Trends 2023 Italian Bob


There is clearly no doubt that the Italian bob will be the hairstyle trend of this fall 2023.


So an Italian bob, what is that?


To start, the cut has less definition than a simple bob, having the tips a bit frayed and minimally layered at the top.


Does it have a fringe? It does and it doesn’t, it is up to your preference, however, the haircut looks very good with a deeper side part – which it happens to be trending also – and letting then the hair fall forward for added volume.

Effortless Fall Hair Trends 2023 Italian Bob

How to style the fall hair trend “Italian bob” with a side part?


This trend requires a bit of effort to be randomly put off.

Although it should look like you are effortlessly and simply ran your fingers though the hair and this is how:


Start by parting your hair in the middle and keep it in place with a little bit of hairspray and let it sit for a few minutes. Just to give it a bit more of stillness.

Next, using a thicker comb or your fingers, make an ultra-deep and uneven side part.


Finally, your hair forward, letting it loose over your forehead – and this is the trick in order to attain the same style as Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Hailey Bieber used to style for their do.

Fall Hair Trends 2023 Italian Bob Instagram

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