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On May 5th 2017 lifestyle fashion blogger – Gracie Carroll – and Localist correspondent for the TORONTO section on FLARE Magazine proudly added us on the list of Best Hair Salons in Canada and in the Top 5 Best Hair Salons in Toronto.


FLARE Magazine Best Blowout Salons Toronto Tony Shamas


On September 8th 2017, Journalist, Fashion Enthusiast and Localist Editor at FLARE Magazine, Victoria Christie, insert us on the list of Best Blowout Salons in Canada from Coast to Coast and in the Top 6 Best Blowout Salons in Toronto.


We are grateful to be featured on one of our favourite and important Fashion Magazine as FLARE and be selected by such acclaimed Toronto Localists like Gracie Carroll – one of our salons “frequentees” and a true socialite’ in the Toronto “Hot ‘n’ Posh” Scene.