Get the Best Results from Laser Hair Removal

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You’ve criticized yourself all summer for not scheduling your first laser hair removal session before the sunshine and warm months came, and have painfully been waxing your body before getting to the beach and to the cottage?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, there is always time to come in for a consultation and ultimately schedule your laser hair appointment.

But what it takes to get the best results out of your treatments?

We have packages of 6 sessions for each area that get you going and be hairless for months – usually more packages are needed for bigger areas and you can keep the sessions you haven’t used – if you bought your 2nd or 3rd package – later on for touch ups.


If you are serious about having your hair reduced by laser treatments following these simple and easy steps will ensure to get the best results:


Don’t skip or reschedule your appointments

best laser hair removal toronto best benefits tony shamas hair laser

Laser hair removal works when the targeted hair is in anagen stage, this is when the hair is still attached to the papilla and usually lasts 2-3 weeks

It is the best time to get your treatment done as when the hair still is attached to the papilla, the laser will work all the way down the hair shaft and burn it to prevent any further growth.


No Sun Tanning or Artificial Tanning

avoid tanning for best laser hair removal results best benefits tony shamas hair laser

Even if our laser machine, the Soprano XL by Alma Laser is able to work on all skin types and it is safe to use on tanned skin, we do NOT recommend artificial tanning or sun tanning at least 2 weeks prior and after each laser treatment.

The laser targets the chromophore (colour), the dark pigments on the skin, in this case the hair follicle. The more contrast there is between the colour of the hair and your skin the better.

That would not be the case if you get a tan. Therefore for better and safer results, we advise not to tan prior, between and after each laser session.


Avoid Stress

for best laser hair removal Toronto avoid stress

Stress can cause hormonal imbalances which are definitely not a good thing between laser hair removal visits.

Try to take it easy and take more breaks at work and during difficult times, besides being bad for your hair reduction is definitely not good for your self as well and you certainly want to get the best results from each visit.


Inform your laser tecnician about any changes in your medical history

best laser hair removal toronto best benefits tony shamas hair laser medical history

It is important before starting each session, letting know your laser hair removal technician if there have been any changes to your medical history to date.

Pregnancy, certain medications (like Accutane for Acne) cannot be combine with laser hair removal and the treatments have to be stopped immediately. In case of certain type of medications, it is not safe to proceed for at least 1 year after taking the last cycles of drugs.


No waxing, plucking hair, bleaching, and no electrolysis

best laser hair removal results toronto tony shamas hair laser best benefits

It is important that when you come in for your session, the hair follicle it still is attached to the papilla and have roots.

The laser, will first target the hair, once hits it, it will  transforms into heat and go all the way down to the very root of the hair – the area you want to burn and destroy to avoid further growth.

You can shave in between treatments as long as you don’t pick your hair with twizzers, remove them with waxing or electrolysis or lighten them up with bleaching. After walking it is necessary to wait up to 6 weeks before it is possible to start your laser session.


Shave the area prior each treatment and be on time for your appointment

best laser hair removal toronto best benefits shave before treatment be on time

You certainly want to get the most of your visit and spend less time treating the selected area on each session.

We recommend to shave the treated area at last the night before or the morning of.

It will not only save you time but also money (a shaving fee of $25+tax is charged for in-salon shaving).

Very important also is to be on time for your laser session.  Regardless of how long it may take to treat your desired area, the appointments are scheduled back to back and being 15 minute slate for your visit, it wont’s be possible to proceed.

It will be necessary to reschedule the visit for another time having this session deducted from your package, or charged for if pay by session.

Also nobody likes to wait, as a courtesy for your next guest, be on time.

By following just these few steps you can get the best results from laser hair removal right downtown Toronto at our location.

We are located at 81 Jarvis St, North East corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St just a few blocks North of the St Lawrence Market and across St James Park.

To schedule your laser hair removal appointment, to find out about parking contact us today.