Get Ready For Summer: Start Laser Hair Removal

Winter isn’t over yet, but decided to surprise us this week with a little glare of sunshine and warmer temperatures, now, spring seems closer than ever.

Let’s not rush though, warm summer days are not in sight yet, but we like to look at the brighter side: now is the best time to start laser hair removal in Toronto.

Colder days are actually the best one to start prepping your body for a hair-free summer!


There is less need to be concerned about using extra SPF on the treated body parts after each session, as your body will still be completely covered up with layers of clothes to protect you from the cold.

Get Ready For Summer Now is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal Toronto

On warmer days, after a session of laser hair removal, you might experience more redness or irritation due to body sweat lingering on the treated areas.

Right now, outdoors activities are limited, and it is easier to just wrapped yourself up in front of the fireplace with your other half instead of going out on a hike.

Not being exposed to UV rays, which are not the best friend of body parts that have just been treated with laser hair removal, are still relatively safe right now.

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If you want a body that is hair-free for your end of summer vacation, now it is the perfect time to start and our laser hair removal machine, the Soprano XL by Alma Laser is virtually pain-free.

Our social life is filled with patios-drinks-dates, you can actually use that extra time “me-time” to start your first session, you will only be thanking yourself in just a few months you gifted yourself now.

Also, when warmer days call for a reunion on the beach with your pals or out of town a little get-away or island concert, you no longer will have to worry about getting your legs or underarms shaved, plenty of time for finally enjoy other fun activities.

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Book your free 15 minutes laser hair removal consultation by calling or booking online and start laser hair removal now, get ready for a smooth summer, hair free, pain free.

We are conveniently located at 81 Jarvis Street, North East corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St, just a couple of blocks North of the St Lawrence Market, just across St James Park.

King Subway Station is the closest and just 10 minutes walk or less from us.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call us at: 416.941.9915 and start your hair-free stress-free life now.