Gift Certificates & Packaging available

Gift Certificates & Packaging available

The common definition of Luxury that comes to mind to most of us, is usually related to expensive cars, watches or brand-name designer clothes.


Gift Certificate Packaging Holidays Gift Hair Salon Toronto Tony Shamas hair & laser hair removal

Not always though, luxury is related to something that necessarily has to be expensive.

In a world where our life are so frenetics and busy from work schedule and deadlines, luxury, for some of us can relate to something much more easy and simple.

Gift certificates hair salon Toronto Tony shamas hair & laser hair removal

Sometimes, taking a little bit of time for yourself, to enjoy your favourite cup of tea and read a book, take care of yourself and spend a day in a spa, or caring about your hair at your favourite hair salon. This can be affordable luxury that not only will make you look good, but most of all, feel renewed with great hair.

This Holiday season, give a little bit of “care-time” for your loved ones, especially the ones that never find the time to do what they desire, such as …absolutely nothing!

Gift certificates hair salon Toronto Tony shamas hair & laser hair removal colour bar

To release and shake-away the stress from a busy schedule, you just want to find s minute to seat comfortably, listen to nice music, sip and savour on a cup of tea or coffee, and have someone that will take care of your hair or laser treatments, in total relaxation.


Our “Escape Room”, where you are able to take a little nap and a head massage, in total comfort of an enclosed room with soft music, soft lights and candles.

Gift certificates hair salon Toronto Tony shamas hair & laser hair removal

We believe that everybody needs a little escape from the city and the world outside, be taken care of, and enjoy all of this even more, if someone special offered this visit to them.

A simple nice touch.

That’s why this year, we are offering Gift Certificates with special packaging to make everyone feel a little bit more special.

Is nice to give something good, but it is even nicer when it looks good as well.

Receiving some thoughtful gift, knowing that a loved one as though of our gateaway/beauty-needs.

Our gift certificates come in a nice little black box, with a card that they can bring to the salon.

Gift certificates hair salon Toronto Tony shamas hair & laser hair removal

It is possible to charge the gift card with any amount you like, or any services that we offer at our hair salon located in downtown Toronto.

You can also set an amount for a specific service.

Laser hair removal packages can also be purchased as a gift certificate for the amount of the package or for the mouth you prefer, it’s really up to you!

This holiday season, give the gift of escape and relaxation, luxury is just a step away.


The Gift Certificates can also be bought over the phone or via email with valid credit card.

Can be sent to your loved ones via Email, or Come in-store for pick up or used directly from the receiver without pick-up. (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number of receiver required).

Gift Certificates & Packaging of Any Amounts – Any Services – No Expiration Date.