Hair for Summer: How to Maintain Short, Curly, Frizzy, Discolored Hair

Hair for Summer: How to Maintain Short, Curly, Frizzy, Discolored Hair

Finally it is summer and it is a Fantastisca one, the sun hasn’t been so radiant in years and we all enjoy it and, of course, complain about the status of our hair.

But let’s find out some tips on what we can do to maintain our hair fabulous even in the hotter and humid days, or when we go North at the cottage or why not, to a nice family va-k to the Bermudas.


discipline oleo curl conditioner kerastase curly frizzy hair toronto

The secret to shiny and stress-free curls is in the last rinse, defining moment in which you no longer have to comb and untangle the hair, it has to be done between a  shampoo and another, and with still soaky wet hair abundant in water carve the individual strands with a modeling paste like KILLER CURLS by KEVIN MURPHY or OLÉO-CURL by KERASTASE.

killer curls kevin murphy salon toronto anti frizz curl defining cream for curly and frizzy hair toronto

Create small curls around your finger and press them up to define them; then holding them inside an invisible net, dry with a diffuser to adjust the shape. Eventually I recommend an anti-frizz spray like FLUIDISSIME by KERASTASE, shake the hair upside down without untangle them with your fingers.

kerastase fluidissime anti frizz detangling spray for curly hair toronto




young again toronto kevin murphy salon immortelle grapeseed oil infused treatment toronto hair salon

If your goal is supple waves and regulated volume? On 50% damp hair, mold a mix of oils inspired by oriental traditions, avocado oil and grapeseed oil (Younge.Again by Kevin Murphy 100ml) divide the hair in 2-3-4 vertical braids (inspire yourself with tribal braids or street-style ones like a boxer-braid), then leave them to sun dry or using a diffuser.

Leave them on until desired and then, when fully dry, when you decide to lossen them (maybe the next day), you’ll have really glamorous natural waves.



kerastase resistence bain volumifique kerastase salon toronto volumising shampoo hair toronto

Do you want a ventilated smooth beach waves effect?

To start in the right direction choose a volumizing shampoo like BAIN VOLUMIFIQUE by KERASTASE (if necessary, brushing must precede the shampoo to avoid the overhead buildup); drying and compacting all the roots with semi-circular movements of fingertips and blow-dry in minimum ventilation speed; when all of the humidity excess is removed from the hair, energize them all over with some texturizing spray like VOLUMIFIQUE by KERASTASE.

VOLUMIFIQUE SPRAY KERASTASE VOLUME HAIR SALON TORONTO VOLUME FINE HAIR STRAIGHT VOLUMISING ROOTS TORONTOWith some hair clips create and fix “punching” the hair with big slots of hair, strand by strand, starting from the back to the top of the head.

Blow-Dry with Diffuser, and once dry, remove the hair clips, and you will obtain a smooth and corpous grunge, with accent of super dynamic waves to mess with simply wind walking on the street.



bain magistral fondant magistral nutritive line kerastase hair salon toronto hydrating colored decolored hair dry hair

Would you like voluminous beach waves without create any extra stress for your hair? After an extra-rich idrating shampoo and idrating conditioner like BAIN MAGISTRAL and FONDANT MAGISTRAL by KERASTASE, on wet hair treat all the lenghts and discolored ends, adding a little bit of CREME MAGISTRAL by KERASTASE for compactness and shyness then twist the whole head of hair in a “gigantic braid” and create various smooth “chignons”.

creme magistrale toronto kerastase hair salon hydrating masque luxury hair toronto

Dry with a diffuser or leave sun-dry, once dry add a bit of YOUNG.AGAIN oil by KEVIN MURPHY and gently separate the singles braids in light, small waves with a sea-breeze effect, blonde and beach.

young again toronto kevin murphy salon immortelle grapeseed oil infused treatment toronto hair salon