Hair Tips: How to Manage Fine Frizzy Hair?

Hair Tips: How to Manage Fine Frizzy Hair?

Everyone’s got hair problems but some hair types just have extra bad hair days than others. And it’s certainly no fun.

Delicate, fragile, lack of volume, often frizzy and with that electric bad habit: fine hair really can try your day right from the start.

If you haven’t yet tried our keratin treatment by Peter Coppola, that helps maintain your hair smooth and frizz-controlled for 3-4 months, the following tips might interest you.

Fundamental Routine for Fine Hair

Fine hair need extra TLC and a few tricks in order to make them look more beautiful without weakening them out.

This hair type tends to me be greasy, on the scalp they are present more hair by square centimetre, and at the roots of each and one of them there is a sebaceous gland that produces oil.

For this reason washes are often performed more frequently that other hair types, so it is essential to choose the right lightweight shampoo, not too rich and that won’t flatten your hair down.

Bain Volumifique How To Manage Fine Hair Toronto

We recommend BAIN VOLUME from the VOLUMIFIQUE line by Kerastase.

Conditioning may not be necessary, as some conditioners are rich in oils and silicons that can deposit on the roots, we advise to use them every other time you wash your hair.

The crown must be rinsed meticulously otherwise the hair will be left heavier, not forgetting that they have to be carefully handled when wet otherwise will be weakened and break easily.

Before blow-drying, with a the heat set to minimum, the crown has to be collect in a towel which will be used to dab the lengths.

Finally, the hair needs to be cut every 8 weeks and, if dyed, try to use a bright colour to create a thicker effect. Very in trend right now: light brown.

Winter is not easy on fine hair specially when static, that happens when the air is dry, the solution is to hydrate our locks.

When shampooing, try to gently massage the scalp and if you’d like to use a conditioner, rinse it out with slightly warm water so that the vapour will relax the hair follicles. Re-wash then with cold water to “lock-in” the hydration.

Another tip that can be helpful during dry air days it to use a diffuser, to minimize the frizz effect.

Also, adding a leave-in product to repair from heat, sun and wind is essential.

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Try: SPRAY VOLUMIFIQUE by Kerastase, no static, volumized hair.