Hair Trends – Blonde Hair Colours

Hair Trends – Blonde Hair Colours

We believe it’s true when they say blondes will never go out of style.

On the runway this season we’ve seen it all, different shades and tones, we’ve picked the ones we liked the most from all the best fashion shows, for these new blonde hair trends colours for this winter season. Which one will you pick?

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour

Platinum Blonde Hair Colour Toronto Salon

For a bold and sleek new hair look, opt for a platinum blonde, it will be particularly inviting in the chilly winter days.

Really advised for the ones of you whom already wear their hair blonde and want to dare a little bit more turning the volume all the way up.

As the weather calls for colder temperatures, keep in mind to maintain your hair nourished and hydrated by conditioning every time you wash your locks and make sure to splurge a bit, feeling like a runway model with a hair masque, at least once a week. It will keep your hair soft, moisturized and shiny.


Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Ash Blonde Hair Colour Hair Salon Toronto

Note: this hair colour is really high maintenance, made for whom of us who are going to nourish it without worrying too much about the wallet: quick recurring root touch-ups and extra home duty is required.

High quality hair care products to take home, root touch-ups very frequently and a longer and bigger amount of work to first get there.

Lots of bleaching is necessary to take you to an ash blonde colour all over your locks.

We advise to first book a hair consultation to make sure the right amount of time will be booked for your first session and that you will know everything that is involved with the process.

You might not achieve the desired tone of colour on the first session, but after the second and definitely by the third visit you will get there.

If you are not a natural blonde pre colouring will be necessary on your first session, and depending on the darkness of your hair and, if there is or isn’t any previous colour present in your hair keep in mind that yellow and coppery segments of hair strands will be there after your first session.

This colour is perfect for fall and winter but, as we seen it popping up at runaways and music festivals, it is a nice tone for spring and summer months as well.


Buttery-Ish Blonde Hair Colour

best colour toronto tony shamas hair laser salon toronto blondes

Colour + Olaplex + Toner

A warmer tone to stand out during colder months and gives you a calming but energetic attitude right on time for Christmas gatherings.

The amount of work to achieve it, if you hair is not too dark and your skin tone doesn’t work against it, would be around 2 to 3 hours, for full head of highlights or colour bleaching all over with a warmer toner. Consider discussing it first with your hair stylist to make sure which option will be best for your.


The options are there, the choice is yours, but definitely after having a little chat with your favourite hair stylist to go in-depth with process and home care.

If you’d like to book an appointment or pop-in salon to discuss the options, we are located at 81 Jarvis Street, Toronto (ON), just a couple of blocks North of the St Lawrence Market and across the street from St James Park, right ad the corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St.

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