Hair Trends: Fall / Winter 2016


Bangs, waves and so on…


Hair cut, colour and styling: the new trends for fall winter 2016 from the runways


We are ready, after gently abusing our hair on sunny summer days at the beach, lake, cottage.

Yes we are ready for fall / winter adventures, with a new fresh look!


Here are some inspirational lines from the backstage of the fall / winter 2016 runways.


BANGS: it doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, the keyword is: messy!


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RETRO WAVES: inspirations from the 20’s with flat waves that resemble a party from the Great Gatsby. And if the look becomes almost Gothic (as Marc Jacobs runway show) l’allure is a mix of romantique chic when the waves is a little topknot that grazes the forehead parted on one side.


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MIDDLE PART HIPPIE STYLE: Straight hair? Absolutely long, with part in the middle, and a head strap on the forehead to bring back hippie memories from the 70’s.

part in the middle hippie style hair trends fall winter 2016 hair salon toronto


DOUBLE BUN: main character of this summer, will be with us in a manga version, also for this season. For some originality, let’s get inspired by the Dior runway and let’s position the double buns close to the nape, instead of on top of the head.

double bun hair trends fall winter 2016 hair salon toronto tony shamas hair laser