Hair Trends: Reverse Shampoo Washing

Hair Trends: Reverse Shampoo Washing  – Conditioning Before Shampooing –

The trend of reverse shampoo washing is emerging.

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Reverse shampooing, in essence, gives your hair a lot more volume, allowing your hair to get a very fresh and bouncy look.

The whole idea behind reverse shampoo washing is that it can help you wash your hair conditioning first, rinse, shampoo not leaving residue that will only make your hair flat and not bouncy at all.

The whole point of reverse washing is that it helps leaves the whole hair soft and bouncy. First, you have to apply the conditioner and then work on shampooing.

Reverse shampoo washing is becoming a popular choice because if your hair is thin and oily, it can be done easily by following two important steps in reverse.

Reverse shampoo it will help you achieve better results with the help of your shampoo, and conditioner.


Is it necessary to use a specific conditioner before washing and shampooing?

SOIN PREMIER THERAPISTE - kerastase toronto hair salon reverse shampoo reverse washing conditioning firstEvery conditioner can be used for condition your hair before rinsing and shampooing but we do recommend a product that has been specifically formulated just for this porpuose:


Is the first conditioner created to be used before shampoo to repair very damaged fine hair without weigh-down effect. Formulated to bind the hair in the manner of a protective gauze, it works upstream to infuse the fiber with softness so it is protected during washing.

In order to do reverse shampooing, you need to do the following:

•    First, you have to ensure that your hair is completely wet

•    Then disperse a generous amount of conditioner in your hair, mid-lenghts down to the ends but not on the roots

•    After about 2-3 minutes, emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

•    Once you are through, wash and rinse your hair with shampoo as you normally do.

Once you are done with reverse shampooing, the next step is drying.

Please use towels that are completely cotton made, so it won’t make your hair frizzy. So the whole idea is to absorb the extra moisture in your hair.

This should be done every time you wash your hair.

Conditioning has some important benefits but only if it is done in the right manner.

Reverse shampooing works to improve the purpose of your hair in order to eliminate the dirt and oil from it.

You can even use the clarifying shampoo to improve your hair so the whole idea is to make sure you apply it in the right manner so that everything goes smoothly.

If you are looking to do reverse shampooing, a good choice is the Soin Premier Therapiste Products by Kerastase.

Soin Premier Therapiste: A fiber quality renewal care for fine care, the Soin Premier works to improve the look of your hair and the look of your hair through proper improvement through shampooing.

A unique ritual, it can be created to deliver a beauty routine, to cleanse and texturise and carefully conceive the beauty of your hair.

It is a simple measure that can work to improve your hair care and improve the look of your hair.

In order to use it well, apply to damp hair and massage it on the right lengths and ends. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly for effective results.