How to Maintain Balayage Hair Colour During Summer?

How to maintain balayage hair colour during summer

As summer approaches, we are looking for tricks and tips on how to maintain our balayage hair colour while enjoying the warmer and sunny months.

With the right products and maintenance routine, it’s possible to keep our hair looking fresh and vibrant all summer long.

We have written down how to maintain your balayage hair colour during summer using some of the best hair products in the market.

Lastly, remember to book a stand-alone toner at your best hair salon in Toronto for a refresh.


The Products to Maintain Balayage Hair Colour During Summer

Hair products to maintain balayage hair colour

FOne of the key products you should be using to maintain your balayage hair colour during summer is a high-quality shampoo.

Not only one that doesn’t contain sulphates, but that is also toning.


The Kevin Murphy’s Blonde.Angel.Wash shampoo has been formulated for blonde highlights hair, making it perfect for those with looking to erase brassiness in balayage.

This shampoo contains lavender and optical brighteners that work together to enhance the brightness and tone of your hair.

Blonde Angel Wash shampoo is infused with jojoba seed oil and shea butter. Both help keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Use this shampoo regularly by leaving it a few minutes on after applying it, not only will help to maintain your balayage hair colour, but it will also leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny.


What else more to ask for? A conditioner, of course!

Conditioner for balayage hair maintenance during summer

Another important product to use in your balayage hair maintenance routine is a high-quality nourishing conditioner, like the Iles Formula Haute Performance Conditioner.

It is formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients, like silk proteins, vitamin E, and panthenol, that work together to nourish and strengthen your hair. It is free from parabens and sulfates.

Using this conditioner regularly will help to keep your hair looking and feeling glamorously healthy, while also enhancing the vibrancy of your balayage hair colour.

Apply to mid-lenghts and, with a wet brush, comb it through the ends, leave on for 1 minute, then rinse.

Instant hair repair and silky smooth feeling!


How about  a styling product for Balayage?


You balayage colour can look and feel luxurious with the help of products for sure, but it will only look at its best when properly styled. When it comes to styling your balayage hair during summer, it’s important to protect it from the elements. Hello humidity!

Oribe’s Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray is a fantabulous product to use for this purpose!

This spray contains a blend of only high-quality ingredients and pro-vitamin B5, which work together to protect your hair from humidity while also providing a light hold. Perfection!


How to use it?


Spray on finished hair to block frizz, set style and add texture.

To add texture and hold, use before styling (this is more of an expert tip, so try it first after and see how it feels for you).

After about 6-8 weeks of keeping up with you hair colour with these tips  it’s time to book a stand-alone toner at the best hair salon in Toronto for a refresh.

Over time, your balayage  will start to fade or become less vibrant and orangey, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun, swimming in the ocean or in chlorinated water.


The Salon Maintenance for Balayage Hair Colour

Toner Salon Maintenance for Balayage Hair Colour

A stand-alone toner can help to refresh your hair colour and enhance its vibrancy, making it look almost as good as new.

This is a quick and easy process its much cheaper than getting a balayage re-done and only usually require about 1 to 1 hour and half appointment, and it can make a nice difference in the appearance of your hair.

To maintaining your balayage colour is all about using the right products and following a regular maintenance routine.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when maintaining balayage colour during summer is to protect your hair from the sun. UV rays can cause your hair colour to fade and become brassy.


Another factor to consider is your natural texture. If you have curly or wavy hair, use products that are designed for it. Like a curl-defining cream or mousse that will help enhance your natural curls.

If you have straight hair, a lightweight styling cream or serum can help to add shine and prevent frizz.


Regular trims will prevent split ends, toners will help refreshing your hair colour. It’s a good idea to schedule these appointments in advance so that you don’t forget and end up with faded or damaged hair.


How often should I schedule touch-ups for my balayage?

The frequency of touch-ups for your balayage depends on: the rate of your hair growth, the desired level of maintenance, and the condition of your hair.

We recommended to schedule every 8 weeks for trims and toners.

To re-do your balayage, every 4 months should be sufficient. Waiting more than 6 months will always get more expensive and causing your appointment to be longer.


Keep in mind this is a guideline and frequency of toners may vary depending on your circumstances.

For example, if you have fast-growing hair or you spend lots of time in the sun or swimming, you may need to schedule toner more frequently. Or, if you have slow-growing hair or if you don’t expose your hair to the sun a lot, you may be able to wait longer.


Ultimately, the best way to determine how often you should schedule touch-ups for your balayage is to consult your hair stylist. They can assess and provide recommendations based on your needs and goals.